A lovely weekend was spent with Brian & Meghan. We painted the town red by doing the following:
Friday night
watched Capote at the Chase Park Plaza. A fantastic performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman – definitely an award worthy film.

Laumeier Sculpture Park – 96 acres worth!
St. Louis Art Museum
Missouri History Museum
Left Bank Books
Bailey’s Chocolate Bar
Zapatas Mexican Restaurant – dinner with Nathan, Sally, & Aidan Pierce
City Museum
White Castle stop on the way home

Photo montage to visually describe many of said events:

Conducting the trees

A glass graveyard

Inside the face of a life sized Jack-O-lantern

The eyes of Homer are upon you…

of all the states and countries represented at the 1904 World’s Fair,
it’s strange that I never remember learning about the one called Hoo

Left Bank Books. My few found favorite reading spot in the city.

Me and my former roomie Sally with baby Aidan

A good time was had by all!


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  1. The sculpture park looks awesome! I had never heard of it.I’ll always remember how flabbergasted Brian was when you came over to our table and introduced yourself at music auditions. Can you believe that was 7 years ago? It’s so cool that you and Brian are still such good friends and stay in touch. Meghan and Brian needed an up-lifting getaway, and it sounds like you provided the perfect weekend.Becky

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