After a weekend of being pukey, my week is pressing on nicely. I’m so
thankful for parents who come to my rescue; whose presence makes me
feel loved and comforted.

In happier news, in celebration of the Winter Olympics beginning Friday
in Turin (Torino), Italy, Katie Couric was reporting from Florence
(Firenze) this morning. Ahhh, my favorite Italian city! In personal
honor and remembrance, today I am wearing my gold cross necklace and carrying
my beautiful red, Italian leather satchel I purchased on my trip there.
Now, if only I owned a Tuscan villa…

any one of these would be fine!  6.6.03

The Duomo, designed by Brunelleschi  6.9.03

neon signs along a Florentine street  6.9.03

the tomb of Michelangelo located in Santa Croche  6.9.03

I’ll have to ask Katie if I can tag along the next time she goes. I’m a
small girl, maybe I could fit inside one of her suitcases…

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