I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed Oscar night! My out of my 24
predictions, 13 panned out to be winners. For those who didn’t watch or hear the outcomes, the winners who caused big
upsets: Crash for best picture and “It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp” (from Hustle & Flow) for original song. My favorites were seeing Rachel Weisz win for best supporting actress as Tessa Quail in The Constant Gardener (my favorite movie of the year), and Reese Witherspoon for her role as June Carter Cash in Walk the Line. What a sweet acceptance speech she gave. If my life were ever made into a movie, I would want Reese to play me.

Me and Jerica, my beautiful best friend from high school, Saturday at her wedding reception.

And thus the week begins with a flourish.


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  1. yeah, boo for the Cardinals being so popular. Although I hear being popular is a good thing.  But yes, we’ll definitely have to muny it up this summer.

  2. beautiful picture! Thanks for calling me last night…sorry I wasn’t in the best mood and that I was a bit preoccupied with my company. But it made my night! Thank you for acting on good intentions!

  3. my week is going well…yours???  I was actually in Hale at Hale School doing a (hale of an) assembly  when the downpour began and I needed to move my van (from the yard near the school to the gravel parking lot where it could still get washed away by noah’s floods) and whilest moving my van it began to hail…and the laughing commenced.

  4. I really liked Jon Stewart as host.  But, I missed the very beginning “dream sequence” which I heard was really funny.
    Thank you so much for your well-wishes!  I’m so excited!

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