Spring break for college students means having to work in a quiet,
deserted college. I love having paid holidays built into my work
schedule but spring break is not one of them. Bummer.

The down side of spring break: no free USA Today newspapers.
Another downer about spring arriving…mice returning. Though the
college students are away enjoying the week, I have a new found guest
(whom I do not enjoy or welcome for that matter) inhabiting the corner
of my office. Since getting new glasses a few weeks ago and adjusting
to my new prescription, I’ve often thought I have seen things move out
of the corner of my eye. Until this morning, these peripheral movements
didn’t cause me to scream. By doing so I probably scared the mouse more
than it scared me. Regardless, while away at lunch the kind custodial
folks came and set up two sticky mouse traps in hopes that he/she/it
will choose to reside there. When that time comes, I will not be the
one removing it. Blech.

The bright side of spring break on a college campus: plenty of parking spaces.

This weekend we host the schools on our district as they participate in
the district music festival. Ah the memories of excitement and stress
all rolled into one – those were the days…

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  1. I hope they catch that pesky mouse…I would not enjoy that one bit. We’re going on a Mission Trip to a Florida camp. We will be fixing some stuff up around there, and we get to go to the beach one day. I’ve never been to the beach/seen the ocean, so I’m pretty pumped. I’m really exited, because I get to hang out with about 50 other crazy UMR Christians and ride in a bus with them for 12 or so hours. It should be a lot of fun, though, and I’m really excited about it. I hope that you can enjoy work for the rest of the week, and the district music festival definitely means that the quietness will cease….I remember those good ole days 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

  2. yeah, i had one of those spring break experiences last week. it was fun, yet boring; productive, yet unproductive; good, yet sucked. everyone was gone, so i was bored. everyone was gone so i had good, quality Jesus, guitar, movie, music time. not bad over all.

  3. i miss conest time…. i was just thinking the other day, that it’s about that time…now that i’m finished with school, and will be leaving my job in june, i’ll find myself with more time- and next year i’ll be able to accompiany for high schools again!  anyway, i’ll be home again for my sisters graduation- we should get together

  4. I had a dream about you.  We were hanging out with JR at his old apartment from my freshman year and laughing about old times.  It was so random, but it’s obvious my memories of you are engrained into my subconscience.  I started rehearsal for my first Shakespearian show and I’m having a blast!  Hope things look up for you when school starts up again. miss/love you very much.

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