The Next Big Thing?

I’m taking a chance and have tossed my hat into the ring for the JoyFM iSing talent
search contest. Who knows…I could be the best undiscovered Christian
vocalist in St. Louis. Though it might be a pipe dream, the worst they
could do is say no and I’ll never know unless I try. All entry packets
are due tomorrow, so my demo (“I Desire” by Natalie Grant), head shot,
and entry form await leaving the post office when the mail is picked up
at 5:00 this afternoon. Now comes the hard part…waiting to see if
I’ve made the top 10. From there, the 10 perform live at Six Flags
(American Idol-esque) and the top 3 are awarded. Among lots of cool
prizes, the 1st place winner gets to open for Casting Crowns in August
at Six Flags! Needless to say, I’m filled with nervous excitement.

It decided to be spring today and that, my friends, makes me a happy and thankful girl.


11 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing?

  1. hey, if you get a recording deal, i’ll play for you. electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums (well, maybe), or back up vocals; i’m there!!

  2. Sarah! You are so awesome!! I want to vote for you. Can I text in my vote? You know I’ll be on the front row waving big “I LOVE SARAH!” posters, right?? This is too cool!!

  3. That’s great Sarah! I’ve alwasy thought people should follow their dreams until they find new ones they enjoy more. That’s what I’ve discovered thoughout my own life anyways. Good luck! And keep us updated. :)Jason

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