The top 10 were announced this morning and sadly, I wasn’t one of them.
I’m so frustrated not having many options, outlets, or things to really
look forward to which make me feel fulfilled or happy in life right
now. I’m tired of waiting for the rest of my life to begin. (Pardon the
pity party. This anti-celebration is one you don’t have to attend.)
Regardless of the outcome, I felt like I did my best in preparing for
the competition and thank you for your support.

In happier news, I took some time off last week, which was greatly
needed. Thursday I didn’t feel well and instead of being able to leave
for Springfield to have lunch with Addie (my original plan), I got a
doctors appointment and spent the rest of the day at home. The Food
Network, Game Show Network, and TLC made pleasant company. I’d
forgotten how nice it is to have a day to be lazy and get some much
needed rest. Friday I felt well enough to go to Branson, where I met up
with my folks. We had the most perfect day to go to Silver Dollar
City!, ate dinner at the RibCrib, and took in the Haygoods’ evening
show. Saturday we did a little outlet mall shopping, returned to
Springfield to visit family for a short time, ate a late lunch at the
Canton Inn (my favorite Chinese restaurant in the city), then I returned

Currently, I’m watching the live video stream showing the dedication of
the new Busch stadium. The Red Birds move into their new nest today! Go Cardinals!


4 thoughts on “

  1. I’m coming to the party because you’ve come to plenty of mine. I’m sorry buddy a lot of us that even seem to be doing what we enjoy are looking to change something…I personally think we should just join together and start our own church…;) or something…hope you know I’m praying for you friend.

  2. you’re still i my top 10 female vocalists list of female vocalists i’ve befriended. you’re definately in the top 5 actually, Mamma-burkhead. i will admit that you are still probably my favorite Higher Ground chick. you rock something fierce!!

  3. Just remember, I have you on video singing at my wedding…incriminating evidence when you do hit the Big Time. I’ll be one of those random quotes in all the tabloids that give the scoop on you from the inside. 🙂
    Let’s get together and have some Pity Cake. What flavor would Pity Cake be? I’m thinking something with lots of caramel, chocolate and cookie dough. And maybe some strawberries for nutritional values.
    I love you sweetie!

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