And thus begins the craziness called “the end of the semester.” I began
my weekend by going on a blind date Friday night. Having never been on
a blind date before I didn’t know what to expect, but it went pretty
well. Due to a performance of our children’s choir, rehearsals for our
Broadway review, local health expos and dance recitals, I worked almost
17 hours Saturday and Sunday…which included having to miss church
yesterday. Interrupting my routine and making me step away from my
church commitment didn’t exactly make me very happy. But it gave me a new
understanding and appreciation for those who have to work weekends to support families.

busy and time consuming as it all was, things went well. I even served
as rehearsal accompanist for dress rehearsal last night since the
student pianist/musical director wound up in the emergency room shortly
before rehearsal was to begin. It was fun sight reading through Broadway
Some of the songs were
easier than others and the cast was so patient as I muddled through.
Tonight is the final dress rehearsal before a friends & family show
tomorrow night and paid performances Wednesday through Sunday. All of
the overtime will pay off, though…just in time for my birthday! Hooray!


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  1. lol lol lol at Stan (whom I don’t even know . . . hmmm).  I’m glad you had some fun this weekend, Sarah.  Sounds busy, just like theatrical productions . . . but!  The best part (the performance) and the worst/best part (the LAST performance! 😉 ) are yet to come!  Before you know it, it’ll be over, and summer will be here.  Hoo-ray!

  2. yeah, i’m lo-carbin it.  i’m borderline hypoglycemic and i have to keep my blood sugar levels really steady.  fave snacks = beef jerky and pork rinds haha

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