The Big 2-5

They say it’s my birthday.
Now my insurance goes down. A
perk in turning a quarter of a century old. This all important detail of my life is one which I
must rely on others to tell me the truth since I don’t honestly remember it. But
I must say my family is
the reliable sort, so I believe them. Speaking of family, here we are
this weekend celebrating Mother’s Day & my birthday a little early.

And some folks who might as well be family. A reunited Higher Ground
crew celebrating the marriage of Eric & Elizabeth Davey.

began my day by reading some cards from birthday well wishers and
before I left, I stopped to smell the roses (note profile pic). I took the day off work and treated myself to a day in The Loo. First
came lunch at a Thai restaurant with my music professor friend Dr.
Jennifer Lim, followed by a trip to the Galleria where I bought a copy
of this year’s Pulitzer winner March by Geraldine Brooks, found these shoes
at Naturalizer, got two great bargains at Lord & Taylor, and
followed it by a drink to wet my whistle at Starbucks. I later went by
Ann Taylor Loft, where I found a cute summery outfit, and ended my
evening dining at Sweet Tomatoes.

And now I officially feel a year older.


8 thoughts on “

  1. woohoo!  and I’m 25.5 and one day.
    My car insurance actually went up.  But it’s cause I bought a newer car that’s worth more.  But I was still bummed.

  2. yeah, i can do some sugar-free foods and sometimes i make my own ice cream with splenda   but overall, i’m trying to get used to not so many sweets, because it makes me start craving sugar again. 
    unrelated note, with my days off, i’m in need of a good read.  can you recommend anything light-ish but good-ish?  i’m on the verge of just re-reading all my favorites but i thought i’d ask the expert first (you).  and, a very merry unbirthday to you!

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