The elapsed weekend was a good one, filled with work and play.

Friday night Robby and I had dinner at a local diner and went to see The DaVinci Code. As
we pulled into the parking lot we observed some sort of local church
picketing the movie. While they had every right to be there exercising
their freedom of speech, I found it humorous. And I will choose not to
get on my soapbox and give all the reasons why I think this was a silly
display of closemindedness. Oops, did I get on my soapbox there
for a minute?…

Having read the book, and after seeing the religious rioters, I was
gearing up for a spellbinding night at the movies. But as the credits
rolled, Robby and I were both more than a little disappointed in the
adaptation of such a riveting, though not completely accurate, book. I
felt like the main emphases of the book were not as highly stressed in
movie, which gave it a whole different feel. The cinematography didn’t
impress me either. There were times when I felt like I was watching A Beautiful Mind (Ron Howard is everywhere!) and
while the flashback scenes were supposed to feel dreamlike, they
weren’t very compelling, nor where they smooth. The only thing it left
me with was the desire to visit the
Louvre. Nutshell: if you haven’t yet read the book and are wanting to
see the movie, stick with the book. It’s much better.

Saturday and Sunday two local dance studios had performances and
rehearsals, for which I had to work. It seemed like there were little girls in pink, donned in
sparkles, coming out of the woodwork. They left traces of their
presence…the custodial staff is still vacuuming sparkles out of the
carpet. (Can you tell I was never a little ballerina?) As a result of
working so much during dance mania weekend, it looks like I will have
Friday off, as well as a paid holiday for Memorial Day on Monday. This
morning I relayed my parents to the airport for their little jaunt to
Alaska. They will cruise south from Anchorage to Vancouver, plus get to stop at a lot of coastal towns along the
way. I can’t wait until I’m retired. In the mean time, I make plans for my next travel destination in the early fall: Ecuador.


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  1. I find it sad that the DaVinci Code has received so many bad reviews. I’ve been wanting to see it ever since I heard Audrey Tautou was going to be involved. But sheesh, NO ONE has liked this film. Guess I’ll pass.
    And I think all the response is funny. There are surely better things to picket than a novel and movie. . . such as the theology books that proclaim all of that material as truth. . . and even then, isn’t there something better to be doing with our time?

  2. I haven’t read the book yet, but dad has and really liked it. He said what you said…it’s really good, although he believes it to be fairly inaccurate. And WHEN THE POO ARE YOU GOING TO ECUADOR?? That is so cool!!!

  3. Ecuador, huh? Awesome! I wish we lived closer to each other! MY parents did the same thing in Alaska a few years ago. I agree about the DaVinci thing. Hey, I’m thinking about taking the praxis to get certified to teach music…I will have some major studying ahead of me! Do you have any things I could borrow/any suggestions?

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