Scheduling an appointment and going to the dentist is always a trip I
dread. But after a delightfully short, and relatively pain free trip to
my dentist this morning, I’m proud to say that my 25 year old cavity
free record still stands. And there was much rejoicing in the land.

My Art Pick for the Week is The Plaza after Rain
by Paul Cornoyer. This painting is one of my two favorites in the St.
Louis Art Museum. Known for his lyrical and tonal depiction of rainy
street scenes, I found it interesting that this Impressionistic painter
was born and began his early studies in St. Louis.

An extra long holiday weekend awaits.


3 thoughts on “

  1. That is also one of my favorite paintings…I remember a painting like this hanging in our living room as I was growing up. It still makes me feel melancholy and happy all at the same time. Great pick this week, and great talking to you on the phone last night. Love you!

  2. Hey, I meant to write and say thank you for my Mother’s Day card! It really made the day special because it was one of the only ones I got! We had just gotten back from vacation and I had a gig to play that day and in the midst of it all Nathan forgot. So thank you very much!

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