It’s been a week full of spending time with friends – both planned and unexpected. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Upon the conclusion of my various Memorial Day weekend activities, Tuesday evening Melynda, Matt,
and I converged in Eureka to eat, catch up, and spend some quality time
together. Despite the ups and downs we’re each going through, it’s
always good to reconnect to the roots of our friendship and remember
there are quality friends in life who are in our corners loving, supporting, and praying.

My Art Pick for the Week is “Sweet Bird of Youth II” by my favorite contemporary artist, Jack Vettriano.
While never formally trained, this famous Scottish artist most known
for depicting love and longing, has risen to become
Britain’s most popular artist outselling Dali, Monet, and Van Gogh.
Lately, controversy has surrounded the fact that his works are so
commercially popular and yet no credit has been given to have his
works on display in prominent galleries throughout the United Kingdom.
Last year I was able to visit the Portland Gallery in London; though
his works are licensed through this small gallery, most of his works
are privately owned. Just recently the Portland Gallery has
expanded and now features a small gallery of his works. Too bad
they hadn’t thought to do this before I visited and was sadly
disappointed in what I found…

Tonight brings about the attendance of my first “real” opera: Rossini’s The Barber of Seville.

Performed in English (always an understandable bonus!), I’ve
heard great reviews about the vocalists featured in the season opener
of Opera Theatre of St. Louis. Dinner at Cyrano’s with friends before the show and discounted tickets (thanks to
knowing one of the violinists) combine in making me anticipate a wonderful evening.

2 thoughts on “

  1. yeah, i had a few of those too.  i found the quiz interesting, i liked it.  glad you participated.  lucky, getting to see the opera.  no buggs bunny though and elmer fudd?  that’s too bad.  i guess the real would be ok too.

  2. You’re appreciate what I got Meghan probably more than anyone. I got us tickets to see David Sedaris at Kansas University. When I was looking at his tour list, I was hoping he was coming to STL, because I thought you might be interested, but alas, Lawrence was the closest.we still need to muny it up

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