Slowly, my list of things to accomplish over the summer is getting shorter. This
gives me hope knowing that, when I choose, I can put aside procrastination and assume
the  responsibilities of a grown-up…well, at least most of the time.

Last weekend brought about a pleasant 1/2 day of work on Friday and a
subsequent afternoon of swimming and watching the 40th anniversary
edition of The Sound of Music at
my friend Sarah’s (complete with sing along subtitles and commentary by
Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, and others – we loved it!).
Saturday morning I attended my favorite 4 year old’s t-ball game,
enjoyed a quick lunch with Robby, and later enjoyed an early dinner with Kyle.
The crux of my weekend however, was working a full afternoon and
evening Saturday and Sunday for yet one more round dance mania (blech).
Monday my parents returned from their Alaskan cruise vacation. What
amazing photos they took! One final dance recital remains this Saturday
and then I get to enjoy
spending the remainder of the weekend with family for our annual family
reunion – the 80th consecutive year we’ve met! So after Saturday, no
more summer dance mania. Boy, will I be glad.

In light of it being Thursday, I submit my Art Pick for the Week. Self-Portrait, 1986
by Andy Warhol. This week’s choice will continue as a theme for several
weeks. When encountering a artist’s self-portrait, I’m
always fascinated by their depiction of themselves – is it a reflection
of what they see, what they think others see, or what they would like
to have themselves and others see?
And while I focus on the images created by others, it causes me to pause and ponder,  what do others see in me?


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