The official first day of summer. Bring on the humidity. Who needs to drink water when you can just drink in the air?

Confession: while I consider myself a musician and possess a degree in music, I don’t really keep up
with or listen to music all that much. I listen to NPR
more than I do a music radio station, both at home and in my car, and
if I’m trying to read or focus on a conversation while music plays, I am
completely distracted – music requires my complete attention.

As I contemplate graduate school
options, do I really want another degree in music? If not, what else am
I interested in, or qualified enough to study? Maybe my hesitancy
springs from being out of the loop. Maybe it’s because I live in a
community that isn’t exactly a hub of musical
outlets or opportunities. Maybe, though I survived, it’s because I
didn’t fare
so well in Music History and has thus scarred my outlook on studying
classical or contemporary music.

When it comes to knowing what is popular I don’t intentionally avoid learning more about new
artists, albums, genres,, but as a rule of thumb I stick to what
is familiar. On the rare occasion that I purchase a new CD, it’s usually one
that comes from the suggestion of a
friend, plus generally trying to purchase something that’s been out
long enough for me to know if it’s a
flash in the pan or not. However, thanks to Rock mentioning it in one of his recent posts, today I checked out Pandora
and I think it’s neat. I’ve established a handful of playlists: Top
Pop, Country & Bluegrass, and the Great White Way. Based on what
artists or songs I enjoy, it will take my preferences and branch out to
similar suggestions, which I can take or leave. While it doesn’t answer the larger question of my future
educational or life pursuits, it’s free online musical entertainment I can enjoy. And you can’t beat the
price of free.

Milestone: this morning I finished reading my 30th book since the
beginning of 2006. I’m on pace to read at least 50. Am I a bookworm? Oh yes I am.


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  1. I hear you. I just keep remembering all the times people have told me that you don’t use your college degree anyway, which kinda stinks cause it was expensive. šŸ™‚ Grad school can be whatever you want it to be – take a couple classes and see what you think. The only reason I’m working on my MBA is because I can’t do squat with a non-teaching English degree – or else I would go to grad school for something like anthropology or women’s studies. Something artsy and fun, and that would give me the excuse to wear a weird hat. šŸ™‚

  2. i am almost the complete opposite of that.  i almost always have music on in the car and read very little.  i am remedying that though, i have the scretape letters on reserve.  so i will wait.  no guess for the $ in a roll of 50 cents? 

  3. Sarah, thanks for the justification conversation tonight. Also, I was thinking – can you email me a list of all the books you’ve read, and highlight some of your favorites? I want some good reading material for next weekend – I’m spending five days at the Lake with my parents, and I need something to hide behind.

  4. Advice from someone who’s in the middle of grad school.  Anything you don’t know or are unsure of knowing, they will teach you.  I’ve had my butt kicked by music history here again.  But now I know it so much better.  Grad school has also helped me to remember what I really loved about music to begin with and to discover new things I didn’t know I loved about it.  Good luck, it’s a tough decision but God’s great in that He really does lead you in the right way, and so much of the time we don’t even realize it.

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