First Fruits

Behold – the first fruits of summer.

And since tomatoes are technically fruits, these are indeed my first
fruits of summer. This past weekend I harvested these two yellow pear
tomatoes from the little flower pot in my front yard. Aren’t they cute?

My Art Pick for the Week is Rembrandt’s Self Portrait at the Age of 63.
I first became familiar with this painting when I took Dr. Renee
Water’s Intro to Fine Arts class. This was
my first exposure to understanding and appreciating the visual art
realm, which had previously been a foreign genre to me. This painting is
housed in
London’s National Gallery in a smaller gallery full of Rembrandt’s
works. While he painted seven self-portraits, this one stands out
to me above all the
others. Like most Dutch painters from the 17th century, the use of
light (chiaroscuro)
is key in illuminating his face and keeping the background exactly
that. He strikes me as grandfatherly, approachable, and yet saddened.
Completed during the last year of
his life, maybe Rembrandt knew this would be his last self-portrait and
one of his final works. An expression and testament of capturing the moment and showing what his life
looked like, one more time.

Thus ends my Thursday tribute to tomatoes, light, and Rembrandt.


8 thoughts on “First Fruits

  1. Hey Girly, what is up with you??? I found your site throught Robby’s! lol, Nice tomatoes. Aren’t pumpkins also referred to as fruits? I love the pic of Rembrandt. I also learned about the grand man in my art class this year. Well dont forget to update about our shopping experience! lol. TTYL ~ Tonya

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