The Weekend Update. (Just call me Tina Fey.)

Friday afternoon Robby, his sister Tonya,
and I went shopping at the
Chesterfield Mall. While minding our own business and hanging out near
the Starbucks and Crocs kiosks, an older man started talking to Robby
about the price of sandals. Pretty soon the three of us were engaged in
quite an animated conversation with this Jewish, atheistic, retired art
professor. He had received a stellar education and kept trying to
convince us that intelligence was the only true thing we could rely on
in life. While he didn’t make much sense and kept trying to tell us we
had been brainwashed, we did our best to listen to him and share our
faith in a way he could hopefully understand. It was definitely an
interesting way to spend part of our afternoon at the mall. Tonya also
made it interesting when she adjusted the jeans to make the male
mannequin outside of Hollister a little more presentable. Before
leaving, the three of us crammed ourselves and all our packages into
one of those little picture booths and took some fun photos. I’ll share
them as soon as I can scan and upload them. We rounded out the evening
worshiping and fellowshiping with some folks from their church.

Saturday and Sunday brought our first ever church camp out Maramec Springs
in St. James. Yesterday morning I brought my guitar and made my debut
playing for our outdoor service. Me and my capo – if only I had a
djembe player I could lead worship for SBU chapel.

Speaking of debuts, here we are (complete with recently upgraded status to “boyfriend”).
On the way home, my afternoon became complete when I got to see Addie
(a long overdue visit). Tonight the parents, grandmother, and I will
root the Cardinals on to victory in their new home – our first trip to
the new Busch Stadium. Go Red Birds!


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  1. No “snide remarks” here! Haha! I’m so glad that you were able to come on Friday. I enjoyed talking with you. You’re welcome back anytime! Our usual Friday Bible study is much more casual and a much, much smaller group. We usually have between 6 and 12 people. Sometimes we’ll play a game afterwards. And we ALWAYS have snacks. That’s such a cute picture of you and Robbie together!
    ~ Jean

  2. I think my mother is in love with your boyfriend. So yes, you have Momma Eaton’s approval of your dating choice. 🙂 It was soooo great to see you! I just hope Robbie completely understands that we ARE NOT lesbians. For the record.

  3. Hey there! Just thought I’d say hi and tell you that if you are ever up watching TV late at night (or whenever, but especially if you get stuck on it or something) that you should tune into the Disney Channel and see if “Phil of the Future” is playing. Phil has always reminded me of Robbie. So if you ever see it playing, you’ll have to see what you think. I’m still babysitting today and the girls were watching it, and I thought of you and thought I’d pass that on. Hope you are having a great day! 🙂 ~ Jean

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