New ‘Do


And now

After getting my hairs cut yesterday, I now feel like the melded embodiment of Leigh Nash, Julie Andrews in Thoroughly Modern Millie, and a Pulp Fiction-esque Uma Thurman.

Following the hair cut, Robby had a night on the town. I took him to my favorite bookshop in the City, and later met up with Melynda & company to see Aida at The Muny.

Pretty in pink. Great minds think alike!

A pleasant evening enjoying outdoor theatre

Dessert following the show at everyone’s favorite St. Louis custard emporium,
Ted Drewes.

A stellar evening from start to finish.

Today I will meet up with my childhood friend Kristin & her parents, and attend my
second Cardinals game in a week. I can’t believe they lost to the
Royals last night. Good grief. Tomorrow I drive to Pinecrest Camp,
my favorite place on God’s green earth, to counsel teens for the next
week during our Missouri District Nazarene Campmeeting. I will return
exhausted and rejuvenated all at the same time. I expect God to do
great things…

14 thoughts on “New ‘Do

  1. haha.  the royals are winning the pennant this year. . . ok, so probably not in real life, but they very nearly swept the series.  we have to have something positive to talk about.  that would be the only one.

  2. how bout those royals? ha ha I’ve never been a st. Louis fan and I”m a royals fan by default because I was raised there. I’m proud of them! Your hair is adorable with a capital A! You always have fun social events or something..I like how you analyze them like you’re a newspaper critic. I hope that made sense. love you!

  3. Cool hair chicky!! And about the Cards – Matt’s been hopping around the house rubbing it in my face over the Cards/Braves series. Ick. What a nerd.

  4. I like the DO; it’s cute. It matches ya perfectly. 🙂 Yeah, I actually heard the last inning of that cards and royals game. I was upset. I also attended an icecream place that friday night. Crazy! …but mine was over here in KC.

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