July: The Black Hole

Can it be that July is almost over? I’m convinced that my month was swallowed into a black hole. The summer musical, I Do! I Do!
is over and it went well, but I’ve discovered that any time there is a
production of any kind, I might as well sign my life away to being
sequestered in the theatre. I’ve also realized that I enjoy being a
spectator rather than a techie.

Despite an overloaded night &
weekend work schedule, there have been several notable occurrences, for
which I have given thanks during the past few weeks. I’ve been able to catch Pirates 2 and An Inconvenient Truth.
Al Gore’s crusade to make people aware of the dangers of carbon dioxide
emissions is gaining momentum. It’s definitely a persuasive and
though-provoking film. Go here to find out more. My summer was made a little brighter when I saw Aarik
and Brooke, Tim and Megan, as well as my friend Angie in Troy weekend
before last. The brief time I was able to spend with each of these
helped refresh my spirit. Then on Sunday night, my kindred spirited
friend Megan passed
through town and was able to spend the night with me. Since I had to
work late, she made herself at home and as hard as we tried to stay up
and watch The Constant Gardener, we both fell asleep before it was over.

Tonight we begin VBS at church. Our theme is “Holy Land Adventure,”
which will tie in Bethlehem and its surrounding cities with all the stories
pointing the way toward Jesus. I’m helping organize the nightly
mini-dramas. I’m hoping there will be willing men and women who won’t
mind donning polyester robes and headdresses in 90+ degree heat. Oh, and JR.,
if you want to come dressed up in your pirate costume, I’m sure we
could tie that into the Bethlehem theme somehow… Contrary to the
old-fashioned belief
that cookies
and kool-aid are necessary staples for this summer tradition, I am
pleased to share that one of the ladies in our congregation, who is a
wonderful cook, will be making dinner for us all this week. Bless her
heart! Going to
church straight from work and having dinner fixed for me will be a
treat. But I won’t complain if I’m offered a cookie and
a glass of red kool-aid before the evening is over.

Bring on August! It can’t be any hotter and busier than July has been…


6 thoughts on “July: The Black Hole

  1. Oh man, you sound as busy as I am. Isn’t life nuts? When does this adult stuff end? I want to be able to take naps again. 🙂 I miss you! Have fun with VBS.

  2. even the temptation of a pirate costume cannot lure me to small children.i’m diggin’ the new do, btw. you’re looking smoking hotter than ever (like Madonna, you’re getting better looking with age, but in a less trashy way).;)

  3. woo go sarah go! 
    and yay!  we’ve both schooled each other in the fine sides of library life.  i’m happy to have read many many good novels from your reading list, and i wish you success with the cookbooks.  a good rule of thumb is to get something regional like “pacific rim” or “tuscan”, not “low fat” or gimmicky.  those can be pretty terrible sometimes.  but i guess there could also be some real gems that i didn’t find.  either way, your cooking horizon will expand.  have fun!

  4. I made your page…yay! 🙂 Anywho, yes, you’re right. Lots of money invested on my kitchen floor. I’ll put them to good use. I would love to share with you the recipe. I’ll email it to you.

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