I like it when I accomplish things that rest on the borderline of becoming a procrastination. Today I attempted to tackle three things on my to-do list, and was able to get two of them done. The other was out of my control since the key duplicator at Wal-Mart was incompatible with the keys I needed to get copied. Boo hiss. Still, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

Bible school is going well. Monday night I donned a slightly musty polyester robe (along with practically every other adult) and was able to make one of the kids crafts: perfume! I brought some dried lavender, crushed it, added some olive oil and it made a wonderful scent!

This weekend I will be singing in my dear friend Emily’s wedding ceremony. She and Darick, the love of her life, will wed on Saturday. I will be singing the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria, Wolf’s Wenn Du, mein Liebster, steigst zum Himmel auf, the Laudamus te duet by Vivaldi, and will serve as cantor for some of the hymns during the wedding mass. Here Em and I are in 2000 celebrating after her District choir performance and I was home for Thanksgiving break. Happy memories.

My Art Pick for the week is an art link. Go here and once there click the mouse to change colors! Here’s to celebrating the Jackson Pollack in all of us.


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  1. Sarah!  I love your new haircut in your profile pic…you’re so cute!  I will be starting my first orchestra teaching job in a few weeks–there is so much to do.  Got any organization pointers?  Cristi

  2. Perms should never be considered to be the greener grass. Maybe the stinky brown-dried out grass. You know the kinda grass that pigs play in. I’d rather eat an entire camel than get a perm. A live camel.

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