Baking, Biking, and Schlepping

For so many years I thought being a student, getting ready for
school to begin, was nerve wracking and stressful. However for those
familiar with the world of education, the time spent preparing and
doing so many behind the scenes things often goes unnoticed and is
exhausting. On my uber-long days I sometimes feel like I’m a camel
when I come equipped with all of my necessary sundry items (purse, tote bag, bottles of
water) to help me last through the day.

Over the past couple of weeks I have had to arrive at work earlier than
preferred for related meetings, seminars, and committee
responsibilities. And though this isn’t a schedule I prefer every day,
I have found fulfillment in rising early, reading, praying, and feeling
like I’ve made something of my day before leaving home. Once arriving
back home I have relieved stress by baking. Oh yes, this week an apple
cake, an Emeril recipe for a breakfast casserole
(substituting turkey sausage rather than pork), and raspberry-apple
scones have rounded out my culinary wizardry. Earlier in the summer I
made my first quiche. You may call me Betty Crocker but not Martha
Stewart. Also this week I rediscovered the exercise bike in my
basement. Besides being a dandy place to hang clothes I need to iron,
it helped me have a great workout yesterday morning. 4 miles worth!

And now, a visual look at some other fun moments of my summer not yet shared in Xanga land:

My hair is getting longer…

8.10.06 – hometown view of the hot & cold water towers…an early
morning with the moon setting in the west and the sun rising in the east. Beautiful!

8.4.06 – Bowling at Saratoga Lanes (on the 2nd floor!) in Maplewood during friends Darick & Emily’s wedding rehearsal dinner

And thus the weekend begins.

4 thoughts on “Baking, Biking, and Schlepping

  1. i like the pictures as always.  for some odd reason, even as a kid i thought about how much work my teachers had to go through before school started.  it does feel good to get up early once you’re awake and realize how much you’ve already accomplished.  i want an exercise bike or tredmill.  hopefully we’ll be able to buy a used one somewhere so i can keep in shape over the fall and winter. 

  2. Sarah I Love you! I am in complete agreement with you about doing “behind the scenes things” for school starting. I don’t think I knew my kindergarten teacher spent 2 weeks getting her classroom ready or that my 4th grade teacher had to sit through “curriculum alignment meetings” or my 11th philosophy teacher probably had to sit through a super silly district superintendent meeting. I appreciate those people so much more! One of my kiddos yesterday said “Miss Fuhrman, our room looks great. You did a good job.” I know they didn’t realize all of the love and thought I’d put into it, but it made me happy that they recognized my effort:)  Love the pics too! Can i have that scone recipe?

  3. Hey, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the Gnarls Barkley (although I totally dig the name). I’ve just heard the single, “Crazy” which I like a lot. I do know the two principles in the group, Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse have done some pretty creative work on their own so I imagine their stuff together’s probably pretty good. Yes, email soon….I will wait with anticipation.

  4. yo…hehe, it was great to see you too buddy.  I’m sorry I was so out of it and tired from traveling, but it was sooo cool getting to hang with you.  Sorry about recent happenings, but you survive as always.  I love your gentle spirit, it’s contagious.  Just remember, “I HATE EVERYONE”
    Have a little miss sunshiny day!

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