The first day of school. And though I didn’t have to purchase new
Crayola crayons, no. 2 pencils, or a new lunch box (somehow my thermos
always seemed to leak…), I did make a huge splurge and purchased a
new pair of shoes on Saturday. Behold:

A pair of my very own Manolo Blahniks. The “Carolyne” is a classic,
chic, and versatile shoe which will last me a loooooong time.

Prior to my shoe expenditure, I spent a wonderful afternoon with Kyle and Carly sharing some side splitting laughs as we took in a matinee of Little Miss Sunshine.
While being highly dysfunctional, the Hoovers were a relatable group of
individuals who collectively reminded me, you can’t pick your family.

Tonight I will contribute my two cents worth at our church board
meeting. Somehow I think it’s a compliment that this 25 year old girl
has been voted to serve on the church board. Does this mean I’m a
grown-up now? Oh boy. This article
featured awhile back ago at brings up great issues
about being a force of change from within the church. My sentiments


7 thoughts on “Resuming

  1. oh sarah, you have excellent taste.  i’m sure you look ravishing in them!
    i was thinking about you yesterday during my layover at the st. louis airport.  i had an hour or so to kill, and kept thinking “who could i call to get sarah burkhead’s number??”  i finally decided you probably lived far enough away that it would take most of the hour to get to the airport, and then we’d have 10 minutes to say hi.  bummer, but there it is. 
    oh have you read “beethoven’s hair” or “galileo’s daughter” yet?  they were recommended to me by a well-read woman at the camp i went to.  i’m starting “beethoven’s hair” tonight!

  2. you’re obviously the coolest in your school with shoes like that. also that is a great article. i love RELEVANT. good stuff.
    thanks for your prayers. i’m looking foward to the adventure that may be ahead of me.

  3. I think it’s definitely a compliment! If I could make my own church, you’d be in charge somewhere.  Thanks for passing on the relevant article…I love your shoes! Wear those to your meeting at church. Or wear them when you iron your clothes…you’ll feel so stylish. Love you!

  4. What’s funny is that this morning while mowing (before I read your comment) I was thinking about how you had seen Thank You For Smoking and LMS with Kyle, and if your track record continues, my faith will be restored in the movie-making business. It also reminded me of how much I wanted to see you guys again.

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