From the hand of God

While yesterday’s blessings aren’t sufficient for today, I still give
thanks in all that happened throughout the course of yesterday. I was reminded in the morning
that my past has been forgiven and can remain exactly that – the past.
Later in the afternoon, my heart was encouraged when meeting with
students during our first Campus Crusade gathering. Last year was my
first year to serve as club sponsor and each time we met there would
only be 3 or 4
students show up, which became really disheartening. I realized that
don’t always equal success, and that I could have just as significant
an influence on 3 or 4 as 13 or 14, but I also knew that there had to be
than this handful of students who desired to make an impact in the lives of other students. Over
the course of the late spring and summer, myself and the regional
Campus Crusade sponsors began praying for there to be student leaders
to rise up and be involved in furthering the cause of Christ this year.
Last night I was blown away when there were at least ten new students
show up for the pizza party meeting! Through this the Lord reminded me
that when we pray believing, in accordance with His will, He has great
power to answer our
prayers. Dr. Eyestone, one of my heroes in the faith, said it far
wiser, “We should never be surprised but always
amazed.” And I was at that.

After the pizza party I stopped at the lone grocery store town. There I
ran into a girl with whom I went to high school who is an
employee at the store. I hadn’t seen her since we graduated and between
then and now has had three children and is now married. Behind her eyes
could see a hardness that didn’t used to be there. It was apparent that
life hasn’t always treated her fairly. I
longed to be able to speak words of love and comfort to her, but since
she was on the job I didn’t have the liberty to take up too much of her
time. I
pray that she could see the peace of Jesus in my life and know that I
cared about her when taking the time to say hello and ask how she was

With summer coming to a close and fall on its way (this seasonal shift
makes me glad), today I will retire my Thursday tradition of Art Pick
of the Week. The grand finale for this summer is two-fold. One, an
article I read about in yesterday’s USA Today.
Updated daily, there are a number of artists who now are making
consistent profits in advertising affordable artwork via Internet
blogs. A novel idea. Two, I have chosen Edgar Degas’ The Blue Dancers
because of the way he captured both gentle movement and vibrant colors
in the same visual idea. Plus, it’s soft and girly and I like it. Enough said.


6 thoughts on “From the hand of God

  1. i know that look well.  people change sometimes for the worse when responsibilities are heaped upon them.  a friend of mine says she feels like 40 (because she has one daughter) she is 22.  children are a blessing, but i know i am not ready for that right now.  eventually, yes.  cool shoes, if i were a girl, i’d wear them.  no, they don’t call me girl at work, probably a lot of other things, but at least not girl.  i’m glad that there was such a great turn out for campus crusade.  that’s a good saying from Dr. Eyestone. 

  2. As a little girl very much into ballet, I enjoyed Degas’ ballet-ing ladies very much.  In fact, a children’s book titled “Degas, the Ballet, and Me” still sits on our bookshelf.  We’re excited about the possibility of a visit and will get back to you soon on all that!

  3. Thank you for the recipe! You’re so great! I was so excited I had mail from you! And a handwritten recipe! Thank you for reminding me of the simple kindnesses in life…real mail and thoughtfulness! Have you tried the recipe I shared with you yet?

  4. sarah how’s it going?  i love the blue dancers…but… where did they go? 
    speaking of seasonal things, i helped my neighbor harvest veggies from her garden today.  then she gave me half of what we picked!  veggie soup night!  but as we were picking, i wondered, how are your little tomatos? 

  5. Hey, chica.  You are one of four people who know where that town is.  Congratulations. 
    And BTW, I am now subscribed to your page.  Don’t know what the heck took so long…but better now than never, eh?

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