No news yet about my audition last night…for now I keep waiting. Anxiously awaiting.
I feel good about it though. As mentioned yesterday, my audition was at
7:00 and I arrived around 6:30, so I could find a place to park, find
the right door to enter, use the restroom, etc. After introducing
myself to the folks in the waiting room they informed me they were
running about 16 minutes behind schedule – so I guess it was
closer to 7:16 before it was my turn to sing. While waiting I sat by
women, who were as different as different could be. One was a sweet,
nervous young lady; a fellow first time auditioner, a former lawyer
turned stay-at-home mom, who recently moved to St.
Louis from New York. The other was the closest I’ve ever come to
meeting someone as
annoying as Janice from old episodes of Friends. She
kept on with her nasal babbling about auditioning years ago and the
director not liking her vibrato, which progressed into telling us (a
grand total of 4 people in the room, zero of whom really cared about
her life story) about how she would’ve auditioned again sooner but her
father (who has now passed away) was fighting a terminal illness and
she was helping take care of him. I was trying to make noncommittal
comments just to try to make her feel like we were listening and after
a while, finally turned my attention with the non-nasal lady on my
right. Needless to say I was ready for my turn after being slightly
intimidated by hearing several talented returning members audition
across the hall and hearing the Janice lady yammer about her life in
my left ear. It seriously felt like there should’ve been a hidden
camera somewhere hiding behind the grand piano or the bass drums.

Once I entered the audition room I met the Symphony Chorus director and
manager, who were my two adjudicators. I sang my piece without flubbing
up any entrances or forgetting any lyrics (always a good thing) – 
the room was small but the acoustics were very pleasing! After the
aria, they had me vocalize up and down a five tone scale (to a C#…my
range is improving as my voice matures), had me sustain a high G –
listening for the sound to fit in Holst’s The Planets,
and finished with sightreading part of a Mendelssohn piece – thankfully
I didn’t have to sightsing it in German. I didn’t do as well as I
would’ve liked with the sightreading, but after a few crashes and
burns, made it through and ended on the tonic. Since there are still
another round of auditions tonight, I should hear news of my audition
tomorrow. I feel confident that I did the best I could and will keep
playing the waiting game…


4 thoughts on “

  1. …I’m not so sure about Jason . . . 😉 
    Seriously, though; best of luck!  I’m sure you did very well.  I’ve been praying for you, and I know that God’s will for your life will be carried out. 

  2. I love how you tell your stories. The way you described your audition makes me feel like I was in the room with you. For some reason though, I keep envisioning the Centre Stage auditorium and the green room….EEKK!!! I love to hear you sing. And the best part is – when you become famous, I can give the media my copy of my video of my wedding where you sang – and I can yell, “I knew her when I made her wear a funky dress and sing a sappy song!!”

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