Despite last Friday being a horrible, no good, very bad day (to borrow
from a children’s story), things have improved this week and that makes
me glad. Very glad indeed.

Some things that have brought me encouragement: arriving to work
yesterday morning to find a chocolate chip bagel from Panera Bread
waiting for me on my desk – compliments of one of my dear professor
friends. Later receiving a strawberry Pop Tart from one of the music
students. These kind, sugary gestures are small things I know. But they
brought me happiness.

This weekend I rented two movies…which is a rare occurrence to watch
two movies in one weekend, let alone in a month. Movie #1: My Date with Drew.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more drawn to biographical types of
works, both books and movies, and this documentary was definitely a fun
one. The basic plot revolves around an average guy’s quest to use
$1,100 won on a game show to get a date with Drew Barrymore in 30 days.
Clever, sweet, and persistent. Movie #2: Finding Neverland.
This has been on my “must see” list since it came out in 2004 and I
finally took the time to rent it this weekend. I’ve long been
fascinated with the story of Peter Pan, and really enjoyed the movie Hook in
1991. But this adaptation was so endearing and thought provoking to
always keep life within the perspectives of a child’s imagination. It
reminds me that it’s okay to be a mature adult, but never a grownup.

On to Symphony Chorus rehearsal tonight!


4 thoughts on “

  1. Finding Neverland is one of my favorites. after the first time i watched it, i wanted to go buy a plastic sword and defend my house against ninjas like i did as a kid.

  2. I, too, really enjoyed Finding Neverland. And I remember wanting to rent Hook everytime we went to the video store between the ages of 9 and 11. Have you seen the more recent Peter Pan? I’ve heard it’s good….

  3. Why was Friday a horrible, no good, very bad day? I’m glad this week is going so much better! Also, Finding Neverland is a fantastic movie. Johnny Depp’s character is great.

  4. I love sugary gestures (I love to give and receive these) myself and yay for Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very bad day (I couldn’t remember where to put the commas).

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