New colors and a photo to celebrate the arrival of fall. Note: while
experimenting with my dad’s 35mm, I took this photo using my toaster to
aid in the reflection process.

Self-discovery: I’m realizing my personality has an aversion to things
overtly popular and trendy. I’m learning how to wait out the “flash in
the pan” phases, stick with possessions I feel are comfortable and
classic, and leave below my means. Somehow this leads me to share that before leaving for
Ecuador, I returned my Manolo Blahniks. After being shipped to me in
the mail, they didn’t fit very well (I have shoes from Payless that fit
more comfortably), and therefore couldn’t constitute spending so much
money on one pair of shoes. So I swallowed my pride and returned them,
all the while hoping that the sales clerk who helped me wouldn’t be
working that day. But he, of course, was working and wasn’t too happy
to see me returning them. Even though it probably meant a loss of his
commission, I feel much better about the decision I made and got
a return on my money. It feels good to have that monkey off my back.

Today my grandma Ruby celebrates her 92nd birthday. What an amazing,
godly, loving, involved, and influential person she has been and remains to be
in my life! Despite failing eyesight and a weakening body, her mind and
spirit remain healthy and strong. I celebrate her today and will get to
celebrate with her in person over the weekend.
A weekend of travel, homecoming parades, friends, and family await. How
good it will be to have my time filled with snippets of them all!


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  1. Since I got your update via email, I couldn’t see the picture, and I was like, “What in the crap is Sarah doing with a gun??” when I saw the phrase “35mm.” Then I clicked on your post, and alas, it’s a camera. I feel silly. About the clothes – in spirit, I’m the same. I still have clothes from high school (mostly dresses, skirts and shoes) that I adore, and they are still so comfortable that I can’t get rid of them. On the other hand, working in the advertising business, there is an almost overwhelming stigma to be trendy in order to appear professional to clients and others in the industry. If only my paycheck had a work-attire stipend attached!! I hope I get to see you this weekend!!

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