Though it’s been almost a week ago, a jaunt to Bolivar for the
homecoming parade last Saturday was quite fun. Witness memories made:

C. Pat, Judy, and Ricki…yes, this pleasantly plump puppy is still kicking

Speaking of puppies, here Addie & I are with her oversized puppy/husky (the type of dog, not his size), Suka

Here’s the crew: Megan, Brian, Addie, and me (with Suka trying to gnaw on Megan’s foot) at Brian’s house after the parade

And in Brooke’s absence, Brian and I thought we would do our best to include Mrs. Life Beautiful in our weekend festivities.

After leaving B-Town, I journeyed to Springfield where I met up with
Kyle & little bro. Ryan EDIT: In my haste to update my post before
leaving to see Mitch Albom, my mind thought of Kyle’s middle name,
Adam, rather than his brother’s name Ryan…many  apologies to the
Smith brothers. The rest of the weekend included spending
time with family, resting, and enjoying some time away from home/work.

Tonight I am attending a book reading/signing where Mitch Albom will be discussing his new book For One More Day. The book worm in me finds this a terrific way to begin my weekend!


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  1. we should have went to homecoming, except i don’t think sbu has our address, so they didn’t send anything our way.  looks like you had a great time.  great pictures. especially the one of 2-D brooke.

  2. Does that make me Mr. Life Beautiful? Cool that you got to meet or see Mitch Albom. With his recent books, a lot of people forget that he is also a sportswriter….I’ve always enjoyed his observations on the world of sports.

  3. no worries friend…just thought it was kind of funny…so cool though that you know my middle name!!! you totally redeemed yourself!
    Hey I’ll be coming through on friday and was thinking maybe lunch??? I’ll be in troy/edwardsville Illinois friday night through sunday afternoon…let me know.

  4. yes, no creepiness.  although i mentioned something about a feather boa when he suggested a stage personality, and he did some sort of razzamatazz dance pretending he had a feather boa…it was maybe a second long and i tried to look away.  he’s a strange guy, seems so serious on the outside but catches you off-guard. 
    cute pictures!  and i remember kelly fulton! – the top picture between you and mr. roe.  she was tammy brittingham’s roomie the year i was there.  ahh the good ole days at sbu.

  5. I never gave SBU a picture, and so I had no idea what they had up there.  I didn’t get my picture taken very often for the yearbook either, but I suppose they managed to find one of those to stick up there.  Thanks for thinking about me!

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