rain falling so gently on my roof impeded my ability to get up this
morning. I would have been perfectly content to have stayed in bed
snuggled up with my newly acquired Jan Karon book and subsequently gotten lost in the
charming world of Mitford.
*sigh, alas* There’s just something about rainy days and Mondays…for
those of you who know me well, you know I have a longstanding
appreciation for this song by The Carpenters. In fact, I broke out my
greatest hits CD this morning to listen to said song, as well as Superstar. It made me smile to catch part of Tommy Boy on
TV this weekend, right at the spot where Chris Farley and David Spade
are driving down the road singing through their tears, “don’t you
remember you told me you loved me baby…you said you’d be comin’ back
this way again baby…” Oh, how the world is a richer place because of
Karen Carpenter’s sonorous alto voice. Why is it that so many great musicians have met an untimely death?

The weekend was a terrific one.
I had a marvelous time at the Mitch Albom book signing Friday night! I
arrived early enough to purchase a copy of his newest book For One More Day (they would only let you have books signed which were purchased the
night of, or through Left Bank Books – a rather stringent policy in my
found a seat close
to the front, and had fun chatting with a really neat lady sitting
beside me. Several important people gave greetings and welcomes and
finally author, Ridley Pearson officially introduced Mitch Albom to us.
I was pleasantly surprised to know that Pearson, Albom, and fellow
authors Stephen King, Amy Tan, Scott Turow, and Dave Barry are all in a
band called The Rock Bottom Remainders. How cool is that?!

I was terribly impressed with Albom’s ease of telling stories,
quick wit, and almost theological musings. When referencing his latest
work, he spoke words of truth in reminding us all that we do often have
more day – we just have to grab a hold of the chances when we have them
to do and say the things that need to be done and said. After the
program, I stood in line to have him sign a
copy of his new book, and in the time span of about 30 seconds (that’s
how fast they were herding people through the line) was able to thank
him for making me laugh and think. His reply to me, “Well, in order to
laugh, we first have to be able to think.” I agreed with him and wished
him well the rest of his time in St. Louis. He then looked up at me,
made eye contact while smiling, and said thank you. I headed back to my
car one happy girl.

As Aarik pointed out, Albom has been a sports writer for The Detroit
Free Press long before his novels hit the big time, so if you aren’t
into emotional memoirs that deal with mortality, there’s still hope for
you. Speaking of sports, come on Cardinals, come on…

The rest of my Friday evening was spent in the company of a fellow
Symphony Chorus member and new found friend Lew. He introduced me to
the vibrant night life of South Grand where we first took in a local
jazz trio at Mangia Italiano, followed by a slice of pie next door at
City Diner. Discussing music, art, and movies into the wee hours of the
morning is always a great way to spend a Friday night.

Saturday, I awoke early to bake some peanut butter cookies which I took
for community funeral dinner (a local pastor committed suicide last
week – very tragic). Later in the morning I treated myself in getting a
manicure with this color – how I adore the clever names OPI uses! The evening was spent visiting friends Aaron & Sarah, eating pancakes for dinner, and watching the original version of The Italian Job. (It’s no wonder they cast Jude Law to play Michael Caine’s role in the updated adaptation of Alfie – they do indeed look alike.)

Musings aside, I now look forward to a shortened work week thanks to an ensuing
weekend road trip to Knoxville where I will visit the Danielsens. How blessed I am!


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  1. many props for mitford!  the newest book comes out in january!  and i always think of you when i hear the carpenters, you and my dad actually.  i got him the greatest hits CD for christmas a couple years ago and he plays it all the time.  i wish i had their songs yesterday, because it was a very rainy Monday… 

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