A long way to go and a short time to get there.

What a wonderful weekend! A little fall road trip with my parents to
eastern Tennessee was just what I needed to get some rest and feel
encouraged by seeing Aarik & Brooke. The leaves were at their peak
and we marveled at the beauty of God’s creation.

Throughout the weekend I was pleased to become further initiated into the phenomenon that is The Office thanks
to Aarik & Brooke’s copy of Season 2, was in paradise as we shopped
at a mega-used book/CD/DVD store where I found a copy of Reading Lolita in Tehran for $3.00 and a copy of Mahler’s 1st “Titan” Symphony for $2.95 (discounted books and media
make me happy), and was downright giddy as I purchased The Gilmore Girls Season
3 at Borders for $1.83 thanks to it being on sale for $19.99
(originally $59.99) and using a $20 gift card I had received from
singing at my friends Darick & Emily’s wedding. It’s amazing how
much of a bargain shopper I mysteriously become when shopping with
friends. We ended Saturday evening by renting A Prairie Home Companion and
being slightly perplexed at the storyline. While I am a big fan of the
weekly radio show, I wasn’t as much of a fan of the movie. Sunday we
ended the weekend at their church, who celebrated their 8th
anniversary, complete with cupcakes, funny hats, and noisemakers – but
only for a little while.

After returning home, I made homemade meatball soup and magic cookie bars. Yum.

Having time to be myself, without pretense, around some of my dearest
friends was refreshing. These are the moments that remind me of the
sweeter and more simple parts of life which also sustain me when life
becomes more difficult and stressful. How thankful I am for moments
like these.


6 thoughts on “A long way to go and a short time to get there.

  1. The midterm went surprisingly well (at least I felt good about it)…so I am so glad I just enjoyed your company without worrying about studying.  Also, I gave your email address to my mom–their church is looking at Isaac (I can’t think of his last name now, but he’s married to Lynette and went to SBU and was in higher ground) to fill a music minister position and Aarik said you might know more about him.  So if you get an email from Troy FBC, it’s my fault : )

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