Baseball fever…catch it

The later part of this week has been filled with so many different
moments that have brought me joy. On Wednesday our college library
began their annual bargain book sale, where I purchased Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, Ragtime by
E.L. Doctorow (the book upon which the Broadway musical was based), an
old crochet/knitting how-to book, as well as a special book I
will left unsaid since it will become a Christmas present for my dad. I
will tell you, however, that it has sentimental value far beyond the $1
I paid for it. All total my four books cost me a whopping $3.00.

Wednesday evening my friend Lou and I met to eat Thai for dinner before going to a concert at the Touhill
celebrating Steve Reich’s 70th birthday. What an amazing performance!
David Robertson conducted four of Reich’s pieces including Proverb, City Life, New York Counterpoint, and ended with his newest work You Are. Featuring
select members of the SLSO and Synergy Vocals from the UK, I marveled at the
discipline and stamina of the musicians as they beautifully executed
the minimalist style Reich is known for. My first encounter with
Reich came in Music Lit when we listened to “Check it Out,” the first movement of City Life. I later tried my hand at Clapping Music (all puns intended). For those of you unfamiliar with Steve Reich, he is definitely worth checking out!

On my way home I diversified my musical tastes and listened to my
favorite local country station. Many of you have prayed for my
deliverance in this area of my life, and I assure you that I do not
need any assistance or outside help. It’s been a while since I’ve
listened to much country radio, so I was very excited to hear a new
Sara Evans song
called “Missing Missouri.” It caused me
smile and audibly say “yes!” several times during the course of the
song. After arriving home from my wonderful evening of foreign cuisine,
20th century music, and great conversation, I flipped through the copy
of the River Front
Times I picked up earlier in the evening and read a humorous article
that dealt with the new
pumpkin spice brew made by local Schlafly brewery. In it they mentioned
this quote by Henry David Thoreau, “I would rather sit on a pumpkin,
and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” Such
an apt description of fall.

Thinking of quotes, yesterday a new show opened in the college’s art
gallery. Featured artist David Downie had this to say about his art,
“As the world is such a rich and complex place, as we are rich and
complex beings, it makes sense to me that our interaction with that
world, and one another, should be as rich and complex as possible.” Oh
how this statement resounds so deeply within me!

In other news, I am on the last page of my paper bound journal. It was
given to me the night of my graduation from my five dear housemates and
now contains almost three years worth of memories, musings, failures,
frustrations, prayers, and praises. Now to find another blank set of
pages upon which I can wax philosophic. It’s a monumental task you see
– I must find the right journal to convey the proper mood and best
expression of myself. The quest begins.

And how about those Cardinals?! David Eckstein has long been a family
favorite and indeed has lived up to an apt description of being the
team “spark plug,” as I heard stated on a pregame show a few weekends ago. In
honor of the Cardinals rise to victory, we were able to wear
Red Birds paraphernalia to work today. I took full advantage.

First, a fun wooden cut-out kitchy
necklace to adorn my neck, along with the trademark logo t-shirt. The bow which
perches on top of my head
was one of my first fan purchases when we moved into Cardinals country
15 years ago. I haven’t worn it in oh,…about 15 years and decided
today was the day for its resurgence. I’ve garnered quite a
sideways glances as I’ve walked the halls of the college today. It’s
not every day that you see an almost 5′ 1″ foot tall girl wearing a St. Louis
Cardinals ribbon in her hair – and thanks to the bow, I’m now elevated
to at least 5′ 4.”

Tomorrow our church is taking a road trip to the new Lincoln
Library and Museum in Springfield, IL. Places like these have always
been prime stops on family vacations, so I’ve grown accustomed to
having an appreciation for such jaunts which delve deeper into our
nation’s history.

Many apologies in being so prolific in today’s post. But I just felt the need to share.


5 thoughts on “Baseball fever…catch it

  1. cute cardinals’ gear. i was extremely happy to watch last night’s game end the way it did. even though, if they squared up against the royals, it would be a different story. thank you for the congrats, take care my friend.

  2. i hope you’ve had luck finding some cardinals socks.  for the fan who wants to show team pride from her head to her toes, right?  teh bow is a nice touch too.
    thanks for the birthday card!  it arrived right on my birthday and brightened my day 

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