A Requaintance of Sorts

Beginning where I left off…as we all know, my beloved St. Louis
Cardinals came through in such a wonderfully underdoggish, spectacular
way to win the World Series a week ago Friday. Maybe it was my hair bow
that made the difference… While I don’t have any
recollection of the ’82 win and am so excited that this year’s season
ultimately led to victory, does anyone else have issues with the title
“world” series or “world” champions? They aren’t playing any teams
outside the U.S., so what makes us winners when it concerns the rest of
the globe?

Saturday followed with our church field trip to the new Lincoln Museum
in Springfield, IL. The museum was so well done! I was very impressed
with the exhibits, realer than real wax figures, and authenticity of
the facts regarding Lincoln’s life and presidency. If you’ve never seen
a time line of photos of Lincoln from 1860 to 1865 before he was
assassinated, check it out. The progressive and degenerative effect the
Civil War had on his face is astounding. He looked like he aged about
20 years in the span of 5. What a toll it must take in being our
nation’s leader in a time of war…

Just call me honest Abe.

Last week I found a new journal; meeting my expectations and
encouraging my spirit. Scripted on the cover and abbreviated on the
inside pages is Deuteronomy 31:8, The
Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave
you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.
words of truth that I repeatedly need to hear right now. I also took
the time to call University of Arkansas – Fayetteville last week to
inquire more about their Masters degree program. I’m prayerfully
considering the choices I need to make next in my life.

This past weekend I had the blessing of eating breakfast at IHOP with
Kyle on Saturday morning, followed by a long overdue visit to see my
friends Paul, Pam, and their black lab Maggie. I lived with them from
January – June 2004 when I taught in Pattonville and hadn’t seen them
since moving back home. It was great seeing them all and  was so
that Maggie remembered me…I miss having a dog, even if it’s of the
surrogate pet variety. The rest of my afternoon was spent with my
friend Lou canvassing the St. Louis Art Museum. We both reveled over
the new modern art pieces we had never before seen, including a Jackson
Pollock and Andy Warhol, and Tara Donovan’s current installation. I will admit 650,000 little plastic cups in one room is a little frightening…

A few weeks ago while digging through boxes in our utility room, my mom
found our box of drinking glasses purchased throughout the early to mid
1980’s at McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. While they are collectors glasses,
what’s the good of them sitting in a box when I could have so much more
fun using them?! So last night I placed new shelf paper in my kitchen
cabinet and replaced my boring, run of the mill glasses with E.T.,
Garfield, Snoopy, Papa Smurf, a couple of the Care Bears, and Simon from Alvin and
the Chipmunks.

Tonight I look forward to drinking some milk in one of my fun glasses
and making a pot of white chicken chili. Oooh, it will hit the spot on
this cool, rainy Monday night.


5 thoughts on “A Requaintance of Sorts

  1. ooh i had all those carebear cups!  i think we were more careless with them (since there were 4 kids in our family) and broke them all.
    your trips always sound so interesting and thought-provoking.  i love the idea of 650,000 plastic cups in a room – wish i could see them for myself. 
    what grad program are you thinking of entering?

  2. we had some of those collector cups from mcdonald’s.  good times.  for a while, we had almost all the toys that came in the kids’ meals at mcdonald’s.  i think we ate there too often.  nice cups, honest abe.  mmm ihop.

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