Something From Nothing

I had an epiphany last night: I am happiest when I am creating
something. Whether I am cooking, baking, knitting, making music, or
designing a card to send to a friend, all of these things are interwoven into the
core of my being . It’s more than a desire to be creative for the sake of
creativity; I enjoy seeing something come to life that was previously nonexistent.
(Catherine alluded to this in one of her recent posts as well.) This
children’s book is an endearing one my mom used to read to her
kindergarten students which tells a sweet story alluding to this idea.

Speaking of cooking, I’ve been a cooking/baking fiend this week. Due to
a potluck fundraiser at work, I made homemade macaroni & cheese,
peanut butter blossoms (mere cookies turn into blossoms with a Hershey
kiss on top), and just for kicks and grins, turkey sugar cookies.
Gobble, gobble!

It’s a good thing they taste as good as they look because it was a
laborious and painstaking process to keep the dough cold enough to
ensure the turkey looked like a turkey and not some strangely deformed

In honor of the beautiful day I planned my lunch break to include a mile stroll, accompanied by a past Relevant podcast. And while today’s 70 degree temperatures mask the fact that it’s fall, this weekend I bought my Christmas cards at Crane
and, after arriving home, began listening to some tunes from the
season. Call it early if you wish, but I welcome it with open arms and

7 thoughts on “Something From Nothing

  1. “December 25th was celebrated as Nimrod’s birthday. By tradition, this birthday celebration became an integral part of every human culture, based on this pagan idolatry. Generally, all mankind is fast asleep, dreaming this old Babylonian dream.”—The Story Of Nimrod, As It Relates To Christmas And Easterby Wilhelm J Wolfaardt

  2. turkey sugar cookies?! no matter how much sugar you put on those things it’ll still taste like turkey. turkey is a meat! you can’t make cookies out of turkey! that’s just silly!!
    just kiddin’.
    i agree with you on Christmas music. as soon as Nov.1 hit, i pulled out the CDs. i’ll only listen to them occasionally until after thanksgiving. but after turkey day, they’ll be on constant rotation until New Year’s.

  3. i was definitely on the same page as berrik until i saw the picture w/ said turkey SHAPED sugar cookies.  my first thought was gross, then it went from being grossed out to “i wonder how she managed to make turkey flavored cookies?”  taking time off is one thing that has proved to be a breeze.  scheduling is so easy being a floater, i only have to talk to one person.  she does my schedule one month in advance and otherwise will call me.  my problems stem from my former home branch.  they are having trouble seperating the old teller ryan from the new floating retail specialist ryan who needs to be trained.  i smoothed over some things w/ supervisors here and hopefully things will improve. 

  4. “Human will becomes truly creative and truly our own when it is wholly God’s…When we act from God in ourselves we are collaborators in, or live instruments of Creation.”  –C.S. Lewis (The Problem of Pain)

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