The Russians

My first performance singing in the St. Louis Symphony Chorus will take place this weekend. Last night our rehearsal was led by David Robertson,
the conductor of the Symphony. Since arriving last season, he has taken
St. Louis by storm and has been highly lauded in his new role as
maestro for the SLSO. In September his contract was extended through
2010. As a past spectator I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his commentary from
the podium and the opportunity to be under his tutelage last night made
me ponder, “Am I really sitting here? Is this really happening to me?”
Articulate, highly intelligent, easily understandable, and yet down to
earth, it was a special treat to be among the number who received
musical direction from him yesterday evening.

Last night after our break, David informed us that it was his son’s
16th birthday and asked us to do him a special favor. He quickly phoned
his son informing him that the Chorus had a special message for him,
which was our cue to burst into our 140 voice, rattle the rafters,
multi-harmony rendition of Happy Birthday. Upon the completion of our
musical greeting, he ended the call by saying, “Now go do your

Rehearsals tonight and tomorrow night will be combined with both
chorus and symphony. How incredible this will be! I’m so excited to
hear the orchestral backing of Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms. I
have particularly enjoyed the first movement and am having such a great
time making music in my own little world. While the Stravinsky is the epitome of dissonance and resolution, the harmonies in the
Rachmaninoff Vespers are so
sonorous; it’s like enveloping yourself in a warm, Russian blanket. The
fact that my mom and dad will be at my inaugural performance on
Saturday night will make the weekend complete.

Thanks to I can now keep track of all my scores and necessary
information. You see I now look the part of an official chorus member.

Tonight they are calling for 1 to 2 inches of snow. Since I’ve already
dusted off my collection of Christmas music and will soon adorn my
with decorations, this first snow of the season comes at just the right
time. How pleasing it will be to snuggle up with my new Big Stone Gap
book with snow gently falling to the ground.


7 thoughts on “The Russians

  1. Ok, first things first: Good luck! Sing like the angel you are!!
    Now to other important things: You have the new BSG book?????? AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I can’t find it ANYWHERE, and it’s KILLING me!!! Happy snuggly reading!!

  2. Good luck this weekend!  What fun to be fellow performers…we have a concert set with some Rach, too. 
    I know those feelings.  All last year I kept wondering if I was just in some glorified all-state, or if it was real.  How many concerts will you be singing with the group?

  3. I have a copy of “The Black Folder” as well. I was actually forced to buy one for the last select college choir I sang in (CMU Chorale). They’re pretty snazzy. I’m so excited for you being in the Symphony Chorus, what a blessing that must be. We should try and get together (for real) some time over my Christmas break. Jon Rector and Rob Gaskin will be dropping by for New Year’s (I think we’re going to try to make it out to the ‘First Night’ celebration in Forest Park)… let me know what you’re up to!

  4. I would love to spend time ‘making things’ with you.  (I just read your other post!)  I feel that I’m happiest when doing those things as well.  I only wish I had more time to do them.  Being an introvert, I find it hard to find time to myself and restore my energy.  Therefore, it’s hard to get the creative juices flowing.  Ahh well…reasons to look forward to getting home.

  5. I forgot…some of the keys are in different places on a french keyboard (the a is where the w is and it’s all bass-ackwards).  Yes, I did love Rococo.  I thought it could have done without the sex scene though.  Otherwise, very funny!!

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