Singing Stravinsky, Catching Cats in Car Doors, and Trimming Trees

While the title of my entry my be a bit verbose, it describes the past couple of weeks to a science.

Firstly, my inaugural Chorus performance went so well! The perspective
of being a performer on stage is so different than that of a spectator
in the audience…and I like it. Partnering with such
a talented group of individuals and being conducted by such a gifted
visionary was awe inspiring, and brought me much joy.

Sneak peak! The family Christmas card, courtesy of the staircase in Powell Symphony Hall

On Wednesday, my mom and I prepared to travel south to meet up with the
rest of our family for Thanksgiving. This trip also included taking the
turkey we had smoked by a local catering company. As I was loading my
car with clothes and food, the neighbor’s cat was literally sniffing
around my car. Now you must know two things. 1.) I hate cats. Hate.
Them. I have never had a good experience with these vile creatures and
can tell you many horror stories that you may think are fabricated, but
I assure you, they are the honest truth. 2.) The neighbors house, from
which this cat comes, is currently uninhabited. Therefore, the cat is
left to fend for itself. I refuse to feed it.  So the hungry, orphan cat was
sniffing around my car, generally getting in the way, and I kept
trying to be nice saying, “Get back, kitty.” Well, as the car door was
shutting behind me, I heard the most awful, blood curdling, cat scream
imaginable. Somehow the cat got too close and found itself shut in my car
door. While briefly pondering if I should leave it there, I realized I
must let it loose or else it would keep screaming (and it wasn’t a
pretty sound). So, I peeked back around my car and saw it’s feet
kicking, trying to pry itself loose. I took pity on the hysterical
animal and opened the car door to allow it to go free. It shot off back toward
the neighbors house and I didn’t see it again until returning home
yesterday evening. Until arriving home I wasn’t for sure if I killed it or not, but apparently only
scared it out of one of its nine lives, and is therefore still wreaking
unfortunate havoc in my life.

The Thanksgiving holiday was a wonderful time to spend with family,
work on my ongoing knitting project, watch fun movies, and rest. My
poor dad was sick most of the weekend, so that made our family feast
feel a void, but a good time was had by all. Before leaving, we began
trimming the tree.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


7 thoughts on “Singing Stravinsky, Catching Cats in Car Doors, and Trimming Trees

  1. Great pictures.  I am a medium well fan myself.  That was our friend Pam’s medium that was closer to rare.  I really enjoy Elizabethtown, so for that price, I definitely could rationalize buying it.  I would love to hear all of your horror stories w/ cats sometime.  I have several good, bad, and general funny stories about cats as well, that might not be as good as yours but maybe could be swapped by sheer quantity.  I wish we had refused to feed strays like we do now.  I do not take pity on stray animals, they are mostly destructive.

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying being with the Chorus. It seems as though you, as usual, are doing really well. I’m glad to hear that! Oh, and, I had to laugh at your story about the cat getting shut in the car door.

  3. You are a beautiful family!  I’m so happy you enjoy your part as a performer – it is very inspiring to work with other talented people.  You’re in it for life now 
    I used to love cats.  But then we got a female cat who attracted all the toms in teh neighborhood.  Whatever pheromones were in the air were so strong that if she was in my room at night, they would climb on my window ledges or in the trees outside and meow and moan until the wee hours of the morning…..  Your neighbor’s cat got what he deserved.
    What is your knitting project? 

  4. I’m not much of a cat fan either. A dog is a man’s best friend, and cats… annoy the living daylights out of me. I’ve always wondered what I dying cat would sound like…Jonny, Rob and I are in the process of finalizing out New Year’s plans… I’ll let you know should they include a Powell stop. I hope you’re doing well!

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