My Snow Hermitage

It was a terrific weekend to stay at home – a captive to the snow and
ice around me. And while I was by myself, I wasn’t alone. The likes of
Johnny Mathis, Vince Guaraldi, Mitch Albom, Lemony Snicket, and others
kept me company. Even the silence was welcoming – welcoming Christmas
and reminding me of the beauty and importance of getting alone with my
thoughts every now and then.

I suppose I was snowbound by choice. While the college closed early on
Thursday and all day Friday, I did venture out Friday afternoon to
purchase eggs, margarine, and other necessary baking supplies from the
grocery store (more about that later). But other than this solitary
jaunt to town, I remained at home. The lack of pressure to be at home
without taking personal or sick time was so refreshing! There were many
things I could have done around my house, and yet was content to fill
my hours with knitting, reading, drinking hot tea, napping, listening
to music, watching movies, working on a 550 piece puzzle, writing my
Christmas letter,
and baking.

As mentioned, I made a necessary trip to the grocery store on Friday
afternoon since I only had one egg left…and that’s just unacceptable
when it comes to baking Christmas goodies! The strenuous effort of
digging my car out of it’s parking space
reminded me of muscles I had long forgotten, but it was worth it!
Thursday I made chocolate-marshmallow fudge, Friday I made peanut
butter crackers and pretzels dipped in vanilla almond bark, Saturday I
made lemon cookies (a holiday favorite), and yesterday I spent a good
couple of hours experimenting with a new sugar cookie recipe. It turned
out well and I now have dozens of stars, reindeer, profiles of Santa
Claus with his pack of toys, Christmas bells, stockings, gingerbread
men, and Christmas trees waiting to be frosted and eaten. Yum.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

8 thoughts on “My Snow Hermitage

  1. It sounds like you had a great couple snow days! I took advantage of mine to mop my kitchen floor (HUGE mistake when it’s snowy and you have large dogs that like to go outside and track all the snow back inside) and I made gingerbread. It’s so great that we all had some time off to just relax and have fun. I love your snow picture!

  2. Vince Guaraldi…. best Christmas CD/soundtrack eva!! i kinda miss the snow here in california. but then again i don’t have to dig my car out or anything like that. it is still up to the mid 60s here and rarely goes to freezing. i’ve even planned a snow day with my youth in february. enjoy your white Christmas, i’ll be enjoying my warm one.

  3. I’m happy you could enjoy the snow days.  Your cookies sound so creative and tasty!  Yum.
    The afghan is going to beautiful – you can do it!  Just think of how loved it’ll be by those kids and their parents.  My mom’s friend knitted me a pink and green blanket when I was 6 months old, and I still have it stashed somewhere – it was my favorite.
    Thanks for the encouragement, too.  I’m preparing an audition for the Carnegie Mellon masters program, and making additional copies for New England Conservatory and UCLA.  (Matt is applying for grad schools in those locations so I’ve got to be ready just in case.)  The repertoire is weighty – a Bach unaccompanied sonata, a full concerto (I’m doing a Mozart), Paganini caprice, and many many scales/arpeggios.  Audition tape due Jan 15th.  Pretty intense.  But the practice is very rewarding.  We haven’t gotten to WalMart yet, but I may stop in for a puzzle.  That sounds like a good diversion.

  4. Laura was the one who successfully donated blood and in the process squirted blood everywhere.  I tried but failed through the fault of the lady trying to draw blood.  The book version is 10x better than movie, although I did the enjoy the movie version as well.  Good stuff.  Oh my goodness that is quite the plethera of Christmas goodies!  I am salivating at the thought of said treats, especially the lemon cookies.  We’ll definitely take pictures of us together at the party, especially of Laura and her little black dress. 

  5. oh you’re so cute! I wish we could have been snowbound together! I helped make a batch of no-bake cookies possible (I went to the store for my mom) and made some shortbread…other than that, I don’t have as many  baked goods to show for my snowy weekend as you do. However, my Christmas cards are all made! Hip Hip! I was thinking about you this weekend…”Hmm, haven’t heard from Sarah Joey in a while…I hope she’s okay.” So, I’m glad you posted. Love you!

  6. That night… no not really.
    I did drink on the cruise… how could you not want to drink a beverage out of a coconut?
    I just didn’t care… I’m probably never going to see those people again.

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