Obedience is so hard and painful sometimes. If I didn’t believe so
strongly in wanting God’s best for me, it would be so easy to settle
for “really amazing” and be content…but not quite.

I’m still needing to find a Christmas gift for one of my uncle’s. Does anyone have any clever ideas?

In other past news, here is a visual sampling of the Christmas goodies
I baked and prepared over the past few weeks. These made their way to
be eaten during our church Christmas dinner last Sunday.

Thankfully, my containers of fudge, lemon & sugar cookies, Oreo
bonbons, and almond bark treats have greatly diminished due to giving
away as gifts to friends. The other dish is Broken Glass Salad, made
by my grandma around the holidays for as long as I can remember. A
simple combination of homemade whipped cream, various flavors of Jello,
and pecans to decorate the top makes for a tasty treat! While my first
attempt at this family favorite didn’t turn out as pretty as I had
hoped, it still tasted like it should. (I’ll have to keep working on
the presentation part.)


8 thoughts on “

  1. sarah that book is hilarious.  is it any good?  my mom has been on a quilting-murder mystery kick for a while now.  she says most of them are a little pathetic, but it’s addictive.  i just chuckle at the niche for practically anything these days.
    um, for teh men in my family, i either get them gift cards to various places (b&n, coffee shops, newegg.com) or i buy them food.  my dad likes gourmet chocolate and coffee, my brothers like hickory farms cheese and sausage, and my father in law likes lebanon bologna.  or hey, maybe your uncle would like a scarf – you could knock off one in a matter of days!  🙂  good luck!

  2. I want to know what made you sad:( I think you should go to gifts.com. It will help you find your uncle a gift. Or get him a walmart gift  card. Impersonl, yes. But always useful, yes yes. Love you! Love the holidays treats you made!

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