Today I’m truly back in the proverbial swing of things. Last night my
parents left after their extended stay through the holiday. As a
result, it felt strange to be alone again; yet refreshing to know I’m
okay by myself. Earlier in the weekend, my good friends Aaron, Sarah,
and I went to see Night at the Museum. It
was pretty cute the way it  presented history in a fun and
imaginative way. I’m sure if I were about 11 it would’ve been the
greatest thing since sliced bread. I particularly enjoyed the fact that
Dick Van Dyke played a conniving retiring security guard. Who doesn’t
like Dick Van Dyke, for goodness sake?

This work week also resumes some normalcy, as there are no holidays in
preventing it from being a traditional 5 day work week (even though I
will probably take most of Friday off to journey to Springfield for
Brian & Meghan’s wedding). Speaking of which, I’m quite stoked
about the prospect of celebrating the nuptials of one of my best
friends and seeing other terrific friends – what an added bonus!

Last night before going to bed I read a terrific article in the Winter edition of Radiant Magazine entitled “The Search for Significance” by Shirin Taber. The last paragraph jumped off the page as I read, As
I grow in my relationship with God and sense His enduring commitment to
me, I see that His plans for me are greater than anything I could have
imagined. God hears my cry for significance and whispers, “I put those
longings in your heart because I have plans for you. I gave you that
voracious hunger for greatness and beauty and purpose because I’m
calling you to serve Me and reveal My purpose.”
welled up in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as this reminder settled
at a
place in my heart which needed to be fertilized with this truth. The
often suppressive weight when I ask questions like, “Is this really what
God wants me to do?” and “When will He bring my future from desire and
waiting to actual reality?” aren’t as worrisome today, making the familiar
weight a little lighter. It also gives me confidence to strongly
consider a complete change and move in my life. After all, what do I have to lose?

Earlier today I came across some stirring words on Sara Groves’ website, which are included in her bio. Adding
to the beauty is for all of us…in the everydayness of the kingdom we
are invited to be brilliantly beautiful, all of us moons with no light
of our own, invited to shine. 

Thanks to encouraging words like these, I’m reminded that living out of
my heart is attainable and that my life makes a difference in the
world. How I’ve needed to hear that.


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  1. Sometimes, if the shirt doesn’t show, I’ll wear regular t-shirts instead of plain white ts just to mix things up.  Today was a funny start to my morning.  It is old-fashioned, but we like having the baby on our terms.  I want to be there throughout the entirety of our child’s birth and I want the best care for Laura.  Thank you.  That would not be the first time I’ve been called inspector, thanks.  I too, hate driving in the rain.  I hope we don’t have the same fate.  I get off work at 3:30 and will be driving down shortly afterwards to Bolivar and then the bachelor party.  Woohoo.

  2. we’re doing mahler’s symphony no. 6…so pretty, but it has a lot of death themes.  our orchestra librarian/2nd chair viola is an accomplished woodworker, and he built a humongous, ornately carved, drum just for this concert.  oh and we’re also playing the bruch violin concerto, a personal favorite.  overall, kind of a dark and beautiful concert.  your upcoming program seems to have a similar theme, too.  makes you wonder if program planners take seasonal depression into account.

  3. I’m so glad I found you.  I often wonder what you’re up to, how you’re doing, etc.  It’s nice to have this little window into your goings-on.
    What is the deal with chorus and going to the symphony? Do you live in St. L??

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