I pray that God isn’t too picky.  I
saw this bumper sticker in a convenience store the other day and still
haven’t wrapped my mind around what I think about this statement…

I saw an advertisement on TV the other night for M&Ms. They always have such clever promotionals. Go here to make one of these:

My latest knitting project is half finished: one mitten completed, one
more to go. After all, what’s the use of just one mitten? Photos to
follow as soon as there are a matching set.

I saw The Queen last night and was pleased to see that it’s on the Oscar ballot for Best Picture, along with Little Miss Sunshine.
There are still several movies I would like to see between now and
February 25. In the mean time I’ll make my best educated guess of who I
think will win. I’d like to thank the academy…


6 thoughts on “

  1. ryc:  I started on that blanket before Phoebe was born in Nov 2005 and I had it finished by January.   I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever done a blanket, minus the little ones I do that take about a week….

  2. Tis one hot m & m. I hope it does not melt though… How is that book you are reading? I have been looking for a book like that. oh and what else have you read lately? I have a goal of reading at least 10,000 pages this year. I am excited about it. Any suggestions?

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