I somehow wish I could add another few hours to my day. 24 just doesn’t
seem enough. My work days have been spent selling oodles of tickets for
our spring production of Beauty and the Beast
and getting as much done to coordinate the conference high school
speech tournament. Every night this week has required me traveling to
St. Louis for Chorus dress rehearsals. Our two performances are
tomorrow and Friday nights when we’ll be singing Berlioz’s Eight Scenes from Faust. Saturday
I might actually get to rest and pack, Sunday afternoon I will have to
work a piano concert, Sunday night is Bible study, and then leave for
Paris on Monday. Plans surrounding our trip are still very vague, so
I’m using my lunch break to search for anything I can get my hands on.
I’m running low on
energy, have a meager appetite, and am overwhelmed by the desire to
want to escape from all the stress which overwhelms me. Good grief.

Prior to the insanity that has been this week, I was able to take a
weekend getaway to visit my family. Over the past week or so my dad
and two of my uncles have celebrated birthdays. Therefore my whole
immediate family (all 8 of us) met to eat dinner together and celebrate
at my grandma’s on Saturday night. 8 people in a small kitchen was
definitely close quarters, but being together to share stories, laughs,
and love was definitely worth it. Earlier on Saturday I got to go by my
favorite used book store, The Book Nook. There I found a really great
early  hardback copy of Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier for $2, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance  by Robert M. Pirsig, and also reclaimed one of my childhood favorites Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. Side note/soap box/lesson learned: several years ago I loaned Number the Stars,
along with 6 or so of my favorite children’s books to some girls who
used to attend my church. When their family moved, they lost all of my books.
This did not make me happy. At all. I’m now on a quest to reclaim all my
books. One at a time. (Although the ones I’ve found are in much poorer
shape than the way I took care of my books.)

In happier news, I have begun making initial steps in applying for the
graduate music program at SIUE. While this is a program I’m genuinely
interested in perusing, I still have a lot more decisions to make
surrounding it all.

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  1. I recently discovered Dee Henderson’s books.  I need to finish the second one I started, it was so good, but I was in the middle of a move when I checked it out, so I really didn’t have time to be reading.I’m very picky about loaning my books out, now.  I loaned a few good ones to a girl who was about to be married and have yet to see them again.  Consider the loss, I guess… I like green.  It suits you.Why are you going to Paris?

  2. I understand….I feel like I need to cram in about 30 hours….if I didn’t spend about 9 hours a day at a really useless job, things might be a bit more manageable. Let me know more about the grad program when you have time…I hope you have an AMAZING trip.

  3. I did the same thing – loaned some of my favorites to a friend, only to never hear from her again and I had to re-purchase the books at a used book store. Number the Stars was one of my favorites also…what others are you looking for? I can keep my eye out for some. I hope you find some time to rest and relax – I don’t want my Sarah to melt into a little Sarah Puddle!! Have a great trip – maybe all your body needs is some great French wine. 🙂

  4. i’ve learned the same book-loaning lesson too.  and with good friends.  there’s got to be a pattern here.  get some rest and take a hot bath with a good book.  i’m so excited for your big trip over the pond!  i hope you get the details settled and can lay back and enjoy the sights once you’re there. 

  5. two things I’ve learned about loaning anything.  1: don’t expect it back, and definitely not in the same shape.  2: I loan to let others try to love something as much as I do.  If  I don’t get it back, I tell myself they love it that much, and I’ll be okay.  generally I just don’t expect anything back.  sad state of things, but a true one.  I’ve had to re-purchase so many  things, but I’m over it.  hope the trip goes well!  sounds like you need a break.  when the hurry dies down and you get back, we should hang out. 

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