Yesterday was a snow day. I woke up so
relaxed and peaceful…I think it was a premonition of things to
come.  Jobs in education still have their perks. While it was
still snowing, I decided to go outside and play. While I didn’t make
snow angels or a snow man, I did seize the moment and caught a few
snowflakes on my tongue.

I was so proud of myself for accomplishing so many things: practiced my
saxophone, did laundry, began reading in the book of Deuteronomy (as a
kid, hearing this Old Testament book named aloud would send me into a
fit of the giggles), chatted with friends to make plans to counsel at
our Nazarene District Campmeeting this summer, almost finished knitting my
mitten, took a nap, watched Singin’ in the Rain and later the new episode of The Gilmore Girls, read in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, began
to make fruit and cream tarts (the dough took some time to set), and
journaled before going to bed. All in all, it was a really good day. I
always like when I have the day to myself to do those things which make
me happy.

Speaking of which…Happy Valentine’s Day!

Celebrating in the love from the True Giver.


8 thoughts on “Hearts

  1. oh cute pictures!  your snow day sounds wonderful, too.  i’m glad you were able to relax and do things that make you happy.  congrats on almost finishing the 2nd mitten…you ought to have plenty of time to wear them if this weather persists.  do you get the chance play your saxaphone very often?  and how did the fruit and cream tarts turn out?

  2. I miss snow days.  I love my job at the bank, but sometimes I wish it would snow enough for everything to shut down and stay home to play or relax.  It’s already been said, but cute pictures.  It’s really the best way to describe them.

  3. Snow days are a luxury that even bankers do not have.  I suppose that is a perk of working at a school.  I had to step away a few times when I clean the bathroom, but other than that, I’m still alive. 

  4. per the post on Aarik’s page:  I, too, loved the Boxcar Children, Number the Stars and the Mixed-up Files.  But I was most excited to see Zilpha Keatly Snyder on there.  I absolutely loved all of her books and no one else seems to have read her stuff as a kid.  Did you by chance read the Madeline L’Engle Wrinkle in Time Trilogy or anything by Susan Cooper or Willo Davis Roberts? 

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