Ash Wednesday

On this Ash Wednesday, I am excited to begin observing this year’s
Lenten season in a different way. Over the past few days I have been
pondering something from which I could abstain. Nothing stirred my
spirit, so I searched and found this
link yesterday. Instead of giving up one specific thing, I’m going to
act on these suggestions, maybe amend/add a few of my own, and
approach these 40 days leading up to Easter with the outlook of what I can do, versus what I
cannot do. Today’s observance: go on a media diet.

This past weekend was my last completely free weekend until Easter, so
I used the time to travel to visit my family. Over the past few weeks,
the health of my 92 year old grandma Ruby has declined rapidly. She was
admitted to the hospital and kept there for almost a week to be
treated for pneumonia. Last week she was moved from the hospital to a
nursing home and that’s where I went to see her on Saturday. It made me
so sad to see how frail and weak she was as she laid in her bed. Her
vision and hearing are both very poor, so I came close to her so she
could see and hear me. My mom and I spent about an hour with her and
during that time I asked if she would like for me to sing to her. Her
reply was, “Oh, that would be so sweet.” So mom and I drew near to her and
sang “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and “In the Garden.” As we sang,
her lips moved along with the lyrics of these hymns
that have been dear to her life and heart for many years. Before
leaving, she told me she wished she could share a cup of tea with me –
a childhood memory that we shared together many times when I would
visit her. With tears streaming down my face, I told her I wished we
could too. Who knows if this was the last time I would see her this side
of heaven.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve approximated that the transmission
has been going out on Tonka (my car). I know it’s been bone-chillingly
cold, but every time I would need to go up a hill, my car was hesitant
to change gears and would begin shuddering horribly. On my way to visit
my parents Friday evening, my service engine soon light came on and
even began flashing at me (it had never done that before!), so I heeded
its caution and pulled off the interstate at St. James. With some kind
strangers lending a helping hand and two mechanics who volunteered to
work overtime at the Ford dealership, a few hours and a few hundred
dollars later my connection wires were fixed, sending the correct
signals to all the computer chips in my car allowing the shuddering to
subside and I continued on my way. God still takes such good care of
me! Since my folks bought a new car a few weeks ago, we’re going
to sell Tonka *sniff* and I’m now driving their former car. It’s a 2000
Buick LeSabre, which really wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s
bigger, safer, and even has a built in CD player. Oh yes, I’m moving up in the world.
I’ve affectionately named me to my new-to-me car Mabel. Mabel seems like a
great name for a sturdy, well meaning, grandmotherly, been around the
block a few times type of car. So if you see me and Mabel out cruising,
honk & wave!

And yes, on a belated promise to JR., here’s one more Random Fact about
myself. When eating bread I rarely ever eat the entire piece – whether
it be a
single piece of bread, a sandwich, or slice of pizza.

Finished! Two matching purple mittens. I
knitted the left mitten first, so it took on dual roles of project and
learning curve.
By the time I finished the right mitten, I had thankfully worked out
most of the glitches. I made the right one a little longer, but other
than that, they’re a pretty nice match. I’m pleased with my little
winter yarn creation (even if I do say so myself)!

7 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday

  1. Nice mittens!!
    I’m really sorry about your grandma.  It’s a hard thing, losing the grandparents.  I know that even though I was always sad, I was glad bc they were no longer suffering and in Heaven with Jesus where we will one day meet again.   I know you don’t want to hear that.  I’m sorry she’s sick, though.
    I can imagine you smile at your mom and look at her out of the corner of your eyes as you breathed in to sing that first note.  I really miss singing with you.

  2. one of my favorite things in the world is my pair of mittens knitted just for me by some poor poor child in pakistan!  I am jealous of your ability, and more so, your mittens! 
    I don’t know how I’ll take my grandparents health fading.  My grandfather is undergoing a battle with lung cancer, amongst other things…I think he is going to win…
    Buicks are amazing creatures!  I drive a 1990 century!  it was free!  have fun in mabel!
    good luck with lent! 

  3. ooh, i dig the mittens!And that’s a neat idea for Lent. I hope you have a blessed Lenten journey. I’m trying to keep a (handwritten) journal to document my journey this year. Considering I haven’t really started yet, I guess I’m behind. Although I did journal on myspace about the Ash Wednesday service I went to, so maybe catching up will go smoothly ;0)

  4. Mabel…what an awesome name! I’m proud of her! Car naming is so much fun. People don’t realize what they’re missing. That sounds like a sweet time with Grandma Ruby. I’m glad I got to hear part of the car story on the phone…it makes me feel like I’m your phone friend intead of just your xanga friend. 🙂

  5. Hey Sarah. Kristin Hawkins and I are observing Lent too. And I was in the same boat as you were as for not having one specific thing. So thanks for the link! Were you able to use your tickets over seas for another time?

  6. Heya!  Your post about your grandma nearly made me cry.  I love that you sang to her.  That will be a precious memory for you forever.  I just told CMJ the other day that I regret not singing to my grandma before she died b/c she liked to hear me sing so much.  So, well done.  Also, well done on the mittens!  Look how far you’ve come from your granny squares!  My next mission will be to learn to make clothes or knit!  Fun fun!

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