Searching for Routine

The Black Hole (also known as the month of March) continues to be
filled with work. Sunday should finally be a day off – so my 28 day
prediction should have been closer to 34 days without a day off. My
sleep schedule is still really wacky and I’m hoping I don’t get sick.
But knowing my body, I probably will. Then I will be forced to stay
home and rest. That may not be such a bad idea…

Our production of Beauty and the Beast
went swimmingly! 9 performances for friends, family, and the general
public all came together so well. We received so many compliments on
the show – it felt good to know so many people enjoyed it so much.
There were several little girls who came dressed up as one of the
Disney princesses (Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc.). For many
of them it was a dream come true to see Belle live and in person.

For those who have inquired about my MU audition, it went very well!
The graduate voice faculty wanted me to prepare 4 songs in various
languages to demonstrate my ability, so I chose The Singer by Michael Head for my English piece, Aurore by Faure for my French piece, Wenn du Mein Liebster… by Hugo Wolf for my German piece, and Vedrai carino by
Mozart for my Italian/aria. I was nervous about the audition, but it
was more of the excited variety rather than the scared. My mom and dad
were able to go to Columbia with me and it means so much to know my
parents are supporting my decision to pursue graduate school full time.
My dad has long been a proponent of me getting my Master’s degree, and
while I’ve never not wanted to further my education,  it’s just
taken me a while to find the right program and make a full fledged
initiative to see it happen. I’m confident that the time is right for
me to make a change in my life. I’m trusting God to open the doors that
need to be opened and praying to recognize when the time is right to
make the step of faith. Now I continue to wait to hear from MU…

To keep myself feeling like myself, I’ve been able to continue working
on knitting a scarf for my mom (not that it’s going to be cold enough
to use it now…), read A Wrinkle in Time, and have checked out A Wind in the Door along with A Room With a View by E.M. Forester, and Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham. So many great books to read and not enough time to read them. Oh bother…but I’ll do my best.

The arrival of spring, sitting on my deck reading in Joshua this
morning, green grass and flowers blooming, and an encouraging and
grounding conversation with my friend Mary-Ann over lunch have made
today better than yesterday. That’s my goal as of late – asking myself
the question, “How can I make today better than yesterday?” Despite my
recent busyness, all in all, my life isn’t all that bad. And I praise
God for that.


6 thoughts on “Searching for Routine

  1. “Despite my recent busyness, all in all, my life isn’t all that bad.”
    i feel the same way.  life is crazy and i hardly have any free time, but life is pretty good.  and i have lots of good days, lots of redeeming moments in not so good days, lots of love and friendship.  good things. 
    making today better than yesterday is a good goal.  i will have to keep that one in mind

  2. Wind in the Door is one of her best. I’m into Arm of the Starfish now, which is one of my absolute favorites. It sounds like your audition went swimmingly. With your beautiful voice, there’s no doubt you have an in. If those darn schools just wouldn’t take so long getting back to you…. but don’t let me get started.

  3. I’m glad the audition went well, and I hope you hear from them soon. It seems like waiting is always the hard part. I’ll be praying! Have you read the other two books in the L’Engle series? “A Swiftly Tilting Planet” is awesome, but my all time favorite is “Many Waters,” an interesting viewpoint on Noah and the flood.

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