I just returned from a relaxing, and yet challenging, yoga class.
Earlier this semester the college advertised free aerobics and yoga
classes for employees, so in mid February I signed up. Because of my Beauty and the Beast work
schedule, I had to take a few weeks off and I could tell a definite
difference. So today my body thanks me for taking the time to stretch
and relax. I feel like I could take a nap now…

After updating yesterday I started thinking of all the good and
unexpected things that have happened over the past few weeks. One of
which made the book worm in me excited. A week or so ago I received an
e-mail from the college library asking people to submit their favorite
books, which would be on display for the month of April. I sent in two
of my favorites The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and The Namesake by
Jhumpa Lahiri (the movie based on her novel comes out in theaters
tomorrow) and when I went by the display case this week, saw that they
were listed along with my name as the one who recommended them. It made
me happy and brought to mind the Employee Recommendation tabs you see
along the aisles at Borders.

Last week I was also pleasantly surprised when I was given a gift in
the form of a box of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies by my friend and
coworker Karen (she recently left the Broadway company of Les Mis!).
I knew I would be getting a box of Samoas (my longtime favorite) which
I had ordered from my Girl Scout friend Haley, but Karen’s Thin Mints
gesture sure made my day. I also
treated myself to a St. Patrick’s Day gift and bought Season 2 of The Office. The
episode where they organize “office olympics” is my favorite thus far.
I would have bought it for myself for Valentine’s Day, but Wal-Mart was
sold out. Therefore I used the next holiday as my excuse to feed my
craving for humor that goes right up my alley. Thankfully Wal-Mart had
it in stock – I guess a DVD set is much more romantic when hearts are
involved versus shamrocks.

Last night I fixed crab cakes for the first time. Even though my crab was imitation, they were easy to fix (thanks to my trusty Better Homes and Gardens cookbook) and tasted pretty good.

Tonight I’ll be attending cottage prayer meeting at the home of one of
our families from church. We are preparing for revival to be held
during the early part of Holy Week and I’m looking forward to a fresh
word from the Lord and a reawakening in my spirit. ::Lord, may it begin
in me::


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  1. Yay The Office!  I went to a branch where two guys are huge fans and they brough seasons 1 and 2 plus a personal dvd player.  I watched an episode every day for lunch.  Yes, it is an odd superpower.  I once had crap pasta with imitation crab and it was amazing.  I think Laura has that cookbook as well.  Good luck with yoga.  I’m on my way to hopefully being entered into as many events for my company’s corporate challenge.  I’m on one of the basketball teams and the volleyball team right now.  I think I have a shot at the 5k. 

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