My month of working finally caught up with my body yesterday. Many
people around me at work and church have attested to the fact that the
flu stuff “is really going around.” Well, it came around and dwelt
within me for about 24 hours. Despite being sick, nauseous, etc., I did
really enjoy napping and really using my sick day as exactly that. Food
Network shows and old reruns of Family Matters and Step By Step on ABC Family kept me company.

As the work week ended, I was thankfully able to do some fun weekendy
things. Friday night I met up with my friend Joe at his lab on the Wash
U campus and then traveled on to a Symphony Chorus party hosted at our
director’s home in University City. In honor of it being her birthday,
she wanted people to celebrate with her and the theme corresponded with
our upcoming Bartok performance – Hungarian! She had fixed all sorts of
fun foods and one of the Chorus members is a wine distributer, so he
provided some of the ethnic beverages. I had heard much discussion
about the Hungarian plum wine that was going to be there and living up
to it’s legacy, it was intensely strong. The smell alone reminded me of
nail polish remover, and as my Chorus friend James said, “This stuff
could really peel the paint off the walls!”

Saturday afternoon was our yearly Master Composer concert in which a great crowd
came for a wonderful spring evening of two Bach violin concertos
and a Vivaldi choral piece, Magnificat. We
kept the doors of the theatre open and it made me so happy to hear
music pouring out, inviting people in to be a part of such a
lighthearted evening. After the performance, I spent the rest of my
evening with friends Aaron & Sarah. Aaron just returned from Marine
Officer Candidate School training, so we had a lot of catching up to
do. We also watched Talladega Nights, which I hadn’t yet seen. Will Farrell and NASCAR humor…the perfect spoof if there was one.

I was finally able to attend church on Sunday – it had literally been a
month of Sundays since being able to attend church for its duration.
The afternoon afforded me time to take a nap and attend a baby shower
before heading to my financial Bible study in the evening. All in all a
pleasant weekend!

This weekend brings about our high school District music contest.
Large group
bands and choirs compete on Friday followed by solos and ensembles on
Saturday which will determine if they advance on to the State
competition in early May. While it’s my job to be present, I should be
able to supervise and enjoy the performances rather than running forms
between judges and the tabulation room. This makes me happy. Maybe I
could even bring
my knitting to keep me company?…


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  1. Oh my gosh. Matt’s new favorite movie is Talladega Nights…it’s so ridiculous!! 🙂 Have you seen the previews for the new Will Farrell/John Header movie? It looks…interesting. I’m glad you’re feeling better!! Plum wine sounds like an adventure – I tried some blackberry wine from that wine place next to Lambert’s (I was proud to note that the wine came from St. James), and it was pretty good. Light and sweet.

  2. My how the tables have turned… I miss contest.
    I watch ABC Family and FoodNetwork all the time.   It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who still watches the lame-o Steve Urkel and the Codeman.

  3. down with the sickness, if only for the daytime tv!  those shows still running reminds me of my pathetic childhood, and the reason I want to work primarily day shifts!  nostalgia makes everything good, doesn’t it?  too bad ol’ Bob Barker’s retiring.  ah districts!  a time when I felt outmatched and didn’t care because all of the highschool kids that do well, are usually jerks (a few stc kids being the exception to that rule)  and then there’s 80 percent of the people that go, and you wonder why they are even there?  ol’ Swoff would point out Sullivan kids..Roberts (whom you didn’t have the pleasure of) would get ticked because I drank milkshakes on contest day! 

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