A Week that is Holy

As mentioned in a previous post, our church is holding revival this
week. I’ve taken much comfort and growth from many things the Lord has
said through our evangelist, Dr. Eyestone.
In Psalm 23, David mentions being led through “paths of righteousness”
– righteous living is indeed a path that we continually trod. The
journey is the goal, heaven is the reward.

Yesterday I finished reading the book of Joshua and at the end was a
supplemental list of the Names of God. I was familiar with a few of the
Hebrew descriptions of God’s character, but one in particular stood out
to me: Yahweh Shammah = The LORD is there.
It brought me so much comfort being reminded that God is always present
with us (Ezekiel 48:35). Lately I’ve been feeling like Peter did when
he began walking on the water toward Jesus; I’ve been distracted by the
circumstances around me and have taken my eyes off of Jesus, which has
caused me to begin to sink. And this sinking isn’t a good feeling.
Thankfully, encouraging weeks like these remind me that my help and
strength truly do come from the Lord and that my dependance must be on
him alone. It makes me marvel at how people cope without knowing the
Giver of true hope.

My mom sent me an e-card this morning that made my day. Each of the
little electronic flowers had a tip on ways to take care of your soul:
– look for your guardian angel
– take long walks and let your instinct lead the way
– wish on falling stars
– eat jelly beans
– sing a song
– wear your favorite jammies to dinner
– call an old friend
– make a new one
– indulge in the simple pleasures of the heart

Speaking of flowers, before coming to work this morning (and the
subsequent spring storm that’s come my way), I took some photos of
things bloom around my yard. I seriously think the dogwood tree in my
backyard bloomed overnight. It’s so pretty and delicate.


…she is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. ~ Proverbs 31:25


8 thoughts on “A Week that is Holy

  1. your xanga site is such a blessing. it’s so refreshing to read your posts and see your pictures. they are so positive and uplifting. i still think you’re one of the most encouraging people i’ve ever met. kudos!

  2. hi. i googled ways to take care of your soul in quotes so it would keep all the words together and your xanga site came up – i wanted to add it to my xanga too haha i got the same card for Easter from my Mom! weird. Anyways that’s why some random girl in Indiana is showing up in your footprints on Xanga 🙂 so thanks for posting the tips so now I too can share them with my friends 🙂 Feel free to visit my xanga haha.. Mindy from Indy

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