Today is D.E.A.R,  Drop Everything And Read day. What a great
holiday! I wish I could drop everything for a day of reading…wishful
thinking. It’s also Beverly Cleary’s birthday – so if you have the urge
to pick up a Ramona or Ralph S. Mouse book, you now know why.

My Easter weekend was a lovely one – filled with catching up on sleep,
reading, eating, knitting (more about that soon), and spending time
with family. I was able to spend some quality time with my Granny Ruby
on both Friday and Saturday afternoons. While she remains in the
nursing home, she looks so much better than she did the last time I saw
her in mid February! She has gained some weight, was alert when we came
in and wondered where we had been all day. She continues to receive
much attention from the nursing home employees, which she loves, and
also loves when visitors come to pay her a visit. It did my heart good
seeing her. Before I left she gave me a little basket she had received
as a little girl – it’s therefore almost 90 years old! As she grew older
she used it as a sewing basket and wanted me to have it so I could have
a special Easter basket. What a treasure – I love my grandma!

As mentioned, I was able to work on and complete a small knitting project over the weekend. Behold:

the standard dishcloth! I’m proud of my little project and was
encouraged by its easiness, so I can now churn them out to be used for
gifts galore!

Tonight and tomorrow night will be filled with my next Symphony Chorus performances. My parents are coming tonight and Megan will be here tomorrow night! We will be singing Bartok’s Cantata Profana, directed by David Robertson. (Photo from the SLSO website, taken a few weeks ago when the SLSO performed at Carnegie Hall.)

Our dress rehearsals have gone so well, in part because of Maestro
Robinson having a terrific knowledge of Hungary and articulating so
well to us the deeper meaning behind the text we are singing (9 sons go
hunting and follow some tracks across a magical bridge and turn into
stags themselves. Their father begins hunting said stags and when he
prepares to shoot, the stags speak with the father not to shoot them.
The father thus invites them back home but the antlers of the stags are
too large and they thus cannot fit through the door). Last night I got
very wrapped up in being a part of the music – it made me feel good to
fulfill my purpose in being on stage.

After the Chorus finished our part in rehearsing with the Symphony,
word had it that Debra Voigt was then going to be present to rehearse
the two Strauss pieces she will be singing, “Ich kan nicht sitzen” from
Elektra and Dance of the Seven Veils and Final Scene from Salome.
While I’m an opera novice, I know that her reputation precedes her and
that she is most definitely worth hearing (she was in New York at The
Met earlier this week). So my friends Lou, Joe, Katrina (my car pool
buddy), Lavelle, and I made our way to the grand tier loge boxes (some
of the most expensive seats in Powell Hall at over $100 per
performance) to sit and watch Ms. Voigt. As she sang, she was giving a
performance to the nearly empty house, except for us and a few others
who experienced our own free, private performance. It made us feel so
connected, especially when she would look up and make eye contact with
us. The Salome is quite
intense – the story of Salome, Herod’s step-daughter who requested the head of
John the Baptist. Oooh it’s creepy and good. As I told Katrina on our
way home from rehearsal…ahem, heads will roll.


8 thoughts on “DEAR!

  1. aarik told me about an audition at MU????
    it would be awesome if you came to good ole mid-mo too!!!!! otherwise we will have fun jaunts to STL for ole college friend meetings and such.  Are you going to the HLG reunion? I’m planning to but was hoping someone I knew was going as well.  Miss you and hope things are going well for you…it’s been too long

  2. i love that you are performing on stage in a way that you find fulfilling.junior and i will have that again soon, we’re putting a band together when i get home.

  3. I love the dishcloth!! Oh my gosh, you are so creative. I’m also very, very happy to hear that your grandmother is doing better. What a treasure to get something from her that you can keep forever – I have similar items from my grandma, and they mean the world to me.
    Love you toots!! Call me this weekend if you have a chance – I’ll tell you what’s going on with me and Matt. How’s that for enticement? ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope your performance goes well/went well (depending on when you read this.)

  4. Hey SarahJo,
    I have voice realted questions for you. I find after five hours of teaching lessons my voice is about to go kaput. Do you have any suggestions on keeping my voice in tip top shape? Are there talking warm-ups I could do? 
    I remember one DEAR day when I was in 4th grade. I piled up stuff on my desk all day long and when the teacher announced “it’s time to drop everything and read” I shoved it all off my desk and it crashed onto the floor in a most satisfying way. I got “the look.” Hee hee.

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