Since last posting, I am pleased to say that our Chorus performances
went very well! My mom and dad came to our Thursday performance and
Megan came for Friday’s. I was so glad each of them could experience this
program. Debra Voigt was amazing and I even got her autograph after the
Friday night performance. After Thursday night’s concert I was finally
able to meet Andy Gott – the SLSO assistant principal bassoonist
originally from Bolivar. I have a new friend.
After Megan left on Saturday afternoon I relished the fact that the rest of my weekend was
work and obligation free. So I watched one of my favorite older movies The Saint, along with Life is Beautiful on Saturday afternoon/evening. I have been meaning to watch Life is Beautiful for quite some time and was so touched by it. Last night I rented Children of Men
from Red Box (such a great invention), thus checking off one more movie
from my list of movies nominated for this year’s Oscars.

I took a mini-vacation this past Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday;
finally able to use some of my comp time accrued when I worked so many
hours during our Beauty and the Beast production.
Since my folks were going to be in Branson for one of my dad’s school
conferences, I tagged along and stayed with them at the John Q. Hammons Chateau on the
Lake. Swanky! Our room had a little balcony which gave a great view of
Table Rock Lake.

The Branson Belle on its afternoon cruise.

The ceiling of the Chateau – letting the sunlight in.

A Friday afternoon trip to Silver Dollar City. I had a fun time riding
the swings…along with all the other kids who were half my age (and the same size as me, to my chagrin).

All in all the week/weekend was terrific. I was able to get lots of
rest, spend quality time with family and friends, and even began
reading a new book The History of Love by
Nicole Krauss. I returned home Saturday evening  so I could be at
church yesterday. I didn’t want to miss our kite flying afternoon we
had scheduled in the meadows behind our church. I used to love flying
my kite in the field beside our house when I was younger, so I was
super excited to participate and help some of the younger kids get
theirs airborne. The windy day was perfect for flying kites (and
getting a little sunburn in the process).

We even had the “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins playing – which was stuck in my head all afternoon…

On the graduate school front, I finally found out that I have been
accepted into the graduate music program at MU and meanwhile have an
audition at SIUE this Friday afternoon. From what I know right now,
there are still assistantships available at SIUE, which makes it more
attractive to me, but this Friday will tell. Keep praying for me as I
am still in the middle of waiting and making ongoing decisions.

I look forward to a free evening which will include doing grocery shopping, laundry, and getting to watch Dancing with the Stars.


8 thoughts on “Rejuvinated

  1. You’ll always to ride the kiddy rides.  Sometimes I envy that; some of the kiddy rides are awesome.  You can get to your reply in your own time, there is no rush.  I definitely took my time, so it is ok.  That is great about grad school.  I’ll just wait on the email to hear more details when you know them.  Take care.

  2. That sounds like the best afternoon ever – “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” is one of my favorite Mary Poppins songs! I’m so, so sorry we didn’t get to meet up. After my run, I pretty much came home, iced my legs and crashed until the baseball game. But I love you!! And I miss you!!

  3. SO excited to get a comment from you! Excited to have even an acquaintance! You seem so sweet. My mom love Dancing with the Stars and so does my boss (a woman – not that that matters haha) but I have always been an American Idol-er and my mom says that most people like one or the other.. I am watching the end of the Bachelor now that Prison Break isn’t on but I don’t like it – it’s too trashy and drama. Two things I hate haha. Anyways thanks for stopping by my Xanga! I hope you had a nice Monday. Oh and how was Children of Men?! I’d been wanting to see it but my husband thought it looked odd – go figure.

  4. Yay, de-stressed is a good place to be!  By the picture, Sunday looks like a perfect day for kites.  Ah…  Isn’t Life is Beautiful such a great movie?  I think I first saw it at SBU, right after a trip to Silver Dollar City and Lamberts.  Thanks for the help with airline information.  I appreciate all your helpful tips 🙂  Happy Tuesday!

  5. I’m applying for the St. Clair choir job. Have any tips or words of advice about St. Clair? John Israel, the current teacher there, is a good friend of mine…. Congrats on your grad school stuff, I’m aiming for a nice long stay at the University of Memphis in the next couple of years, I just can’t seem to decide if I want to end up doing performance for a masters and then a doctorate in pedagogy, or just doing the whole track in performance. Until then, I’ll be using my grandparents’ address in Memphis to establish residency so I don’t have to pay out-of-state tuition (an address is all you really need to get a valid driver’s license… oh yeah, and I suppose you have to be able to drive, no worries there!)Let me know how everything else goes for you. I’m not rooting for any particular school for you to end up at, but I have had quite a few notable folks steer me away from Prof. Todd at MU. However, I did meet two of her grad students earlier this year, and they seemed to be very kind, talented people. My last voice teacher doesn’t want me doing grad school anywhere but in a major city, she says that opera just isn’t a huge draw unless the metropolis is there, which effectively cuts out Columbia. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.Peace!

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