Root, root, root for the hometeam

As I look back on the past two days, I am pleased with how my auditionand visit to SIUE went on Friday afternoon. I was quite nervous priorto my audition and I was glad that my parents were with me, helpingassuage my fears. It didn’t help that we got caught in traffic downtownSt. Louis on the way and once making our way to campus had difficultyfinding the audition location. Thankfully a kind student guided me tothe music department where I then met the chairman of the musicdepartment who took me where I needed to go. Once arriving at theaudition hall I was greeted by Bekah. It was so good to see a friendwho answered a few of my questions about the department and her ownexperience before I sang. Her graduate recital was Saturday night andwas waiting to rehearse in the hall after auditions were over.When itwas my turn to sing I was a taken back a bit when I realized theydidn’t have my music provided for the accompanist. Since I hadn’t madecopies and was relying on my music for a memory aid (hey, it’s beenalmost 4 years since performing a recital!), I had to look over theshoulder of my accompanist, which worked out fine in the end. I feltlike I sang well and liked the sound of my voice in the small recitalhall. After I had completed my four songs I sat and talked with thethree professors who had sat in on my audition. While I don’t know forsure about the outcome, I do feel positive that I was well received andhope and pray that this will lead to admission into their program andan assistantship too! Before leaving campus, we stopped by theStudent Union which included an Auntie Anne’s pretzel shop and a Starbucks. Heaven on earth!

Yesterday I had the great privilegeto spend the afternoon and evening with Brian and Meghan. We hadtickets to the Cubs vs. Cardinals game and, sadly, the game was an 8-1 blowout in the favor of the Cubs. Our seats were on the upper deckwhich gave a great view of the field and downtown skyline.

Regardlessof the outcome of the game, the three of us had a really great timetogether! And since I wasn’t able to attend their wedding, I reallyenjoyed the company of the newly married couple.

Afterthe game we grabbed a yummy bite to eat at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, madeour way back to my house, and said our goodbyes. What a fun day!


5 thoughts on “Root, root, root for the hometeam

  1. I swear, you need to buy stock in Bailey’s. πŸ™‚ I’m glad your audition went well – call me sometime this week and we can talk more about it. I’m so proud of you!

  2. you always have the most fun weekends! I’m glad you felt like your audition went well! Soon all of the waiting will be over! I love you! And yes, I’m sorry I misunderstood your question about the pictures. I will send you one of you and me. πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like a rip roarin’ good time.  Glad the audition work out in the end.  That’s sad about the Card’s pitcher.  I forget his name.  Does anyone ever give you guys a hard time for hanging out with the enemy at baseball games?  I’m not too particular because the Royals aren’t too competitive, but other fans might not be as easy going.  Has it already been nearly 4 years since your recital?  Let us know whenever you hear anything.

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