The Beginning of the End

On this, the first day of May, I bit the proverbial bullet and informed
my supervisor that I would not be returning to work at the college this
fall. She took it surprisingly well and was even giving me tips on how
I can spread out my vacation time over the next few months to maximize
retaining my health insurance for as long as possible. When later
informing my fine arts colleagues, they also took the news well, though
were saddened. There are some HR decisions which now need to be made,
thus my news is not yet public knowledge among most of those with whom
I work. It makes me feel good to know that people want the best for me
and are excited as I look forward to the next phase in the journey. I’m
now suspended in mid-air – having given both verbal and written
statements expressing how I will discontinue my current employment
while waiting for hopefully good news from the folks at Edwardsville.

Today I received a gift certificate to a local pizza & pasta buffet
restaurant, which I had won in a raffle last week. I was also given two
free tickets to Six Flags! One of our theatre students, whom I’ve known
since he was in 5th grade (boy, does that make me feel old), is one of
the performers and he was so kind to give me two free tickets. All in
all it’s been a productive day. I can now begin counting down the
remaining days at my current job, and also brainstorm ideas of how I
can use my vacation time in creative ways this summer. The load is


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