The Big 2-6

I’m pleased to say that I survived my Chorus performances over the
weekend and was victorious in conquering my performance anxiety. It was
great having my parents at our Friday night performance and Brian &
Meghan at Saturday night’s. I honestly feel like my anxiety could have
been a spiritual attack and a test to see if I could persevere through
the tough times and come out stronger; strengthening my resolve that I
really do want to pursue music performance for my Master’s and
ultimately for my career.

Along that mindset, I found out
yesterday that I have been granted admission to SIUE! I’m still
awaiting news about the possibility of an assistantship; all I can do
now is keep waiting and praying.

Today is my birthday. I just love birthdays. I began my day by enjoying the pansies on my deck and meditating on Psalm 139:13, For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. As a knitter, I love the idea of God knitting/crafting me to be the way I am.

My first order of business for the day meant getting my drivers license
renewed. I’m now guarenteed to be a Missouri driver for another 6
years. I took the day off of work (well, as much as I could – more
about that later) and headed to St. Louis to first meet up with my
friend Lou for brunch at Kaldi’s
in Kirkwood. I then browsed through the vocal music section at The
Music Center of Kirkwood (where Lou works) and found a vocal anthology
by women composers (which Lou gave me a great discount on!). It’s my
goal to use one of these selections for my Chorus re-audition on May
29th. I progressed on to Hobby Lobby where I found some Sugar &
Cream cotton yarn, perfect for the dishcloths I make (of which I’ve now
made 3) and also took advantage of their 50% off sale on picture
frames. Later I visited The Natural Way, a health food store where I
bought some Thayer’s Slippery Elm lozenges
– a natural supplement to strengthen a tired voice. We’ll see how well
they work. My next stop was the Washington University campus to have a
late lunch with my friend Joe. We grabbed a bite to eat from the campus
food court and lounged outside enjoying a perfect afternoon of sunny
skies with pretty cumulus clouds peppering the sky. Joe gave me a few
really cool and special gifts, one of which were some Jesus pencil
toppers. Nothing says happy birthday like little plastic Jesus pencil

only thing I didn’t get accomplished during my day on the town was
having the time to do some shoe shopping. I have had to work this
evening…one of those summer dance groups renting the theater,
requiring my attendance, which I abhor. Maybe I wouldn’t mind working
so much if it weren’t my birthday and I didn’t get to go shoe shopping.
I earnestly want to find some summery, dressy, comfortable shoes –
that’s not too much to ask, is it? Hopefully I will have time to make a
return trip soon and dedicate it to shoe shopping (among a few other
stops as well).

All things considered, my transition from being
a quarter of a century old to a quarter of a century old plus one has
gone well. It’s been a day spending quality time with quality friends
and I look forward to all God has in store for this, my 26th year. 


7 thoughts on “The Big 2-6

  1. What a wonderful birthday present to find out that you’ve been admitted to SIUE!!!! That is AWESOME!!! I am so happy for you and proud of you. And I love the Jesus pencil toppers. 🙂 Did you get my card? Love you, toots!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  2. happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear saraaaahhhh…happy birthday to you!!  and mucho congrats on the SIUE admittance!  that’s so exciting 🙂

  3. every time I see the letters SIUE, I have a brain fart and think of SUE, which is a ginormous t-rex at the Field Museum in Chicago. So my first thought was, “yeah, Sarah could be a dinosaur!”
    and then I feel dumb.

  4. I wish I could have seen you on your bday! You celebrate well! Now I’m not so afraid to move on to 26 in a few weeks:) Shoe shopping…oh gosh. There is “I need comfortable-fairly inexpensive-don’t make me look like a grandmother” shoes for school…and “Oh, I just want to wear fun shoes” and “I’ll just wear these every other month” shoes.
    Jesus pencil toppers! Wow! That’s pretty cool.

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