Summer’s Kick-Off

The past two weeks have been eventful ones with school ending and the arrival of summer. Hooray!

And now, a little photo montage to visually depict some of the happenings in my life over the past few weeks.
To end the Sunday School campaign we had at church, we had a hot air
balloon come for a visit. In honor of the event I wore my hot air balloon earrings I’ve had since I was a little girl. The kids and whichever adults wanted to (I
wanted to) were all able to take a short rides up and down in the
balloon. It was manned by the owner of the balloon and stayed tethered
the whole time, but would’ve been nice to float untethered. Regardless,
the weather was beautiful and the mood was festive – it felt like a
holiday and I really enjoyed the hot dogs, cup cakes, and little jaunt
in the big balloon. (For a little video clip, check out my video blog to see the balloon become upright.)

This past weekend included traveling to Windermere for our first
Higher Ground reunion. I’ve always been intrigued by
this bit of religious graffiti outside of Waynesville on I-44 and on
Friday afternoon finally risked Mabel (my car) getting hit when I
stopped to take a couple photos. I’m glad I stopped, though.

Higher Ground alumni! Dr. Hicks, Matt, Jeremy, Kristina, Sally
Jeff, Andrea, me, Kyle (And to think I didn’t bring my purple shirt. Shame on me.)
As Matt mentioned before we all parted ways, there’s something so nice
and familiar when we can fall back into the “rhythm of old
friendships.” Nicely said, my friend.

Memorial Day parade on Monday. I’m such a sap when it comes to
people throwing candy, and  honoring our soldiers and country. The
children’s choir I help with rode in a float and later sang, which was
my main motivation in being there, but I enjoyed it from start to
finish. My parents
visited over the later part of the weekend, so we were able to plant
some flowers in
my front yard and BBQ for dinner on Monday evening. All in all it was a
great Memorial
Day weekend.

Last night I had my re-audition for the St. Louis Symphony Chorus. Even
though I’m still not for sure about my fall graduate school plans, I
wanted to re-audition in case I remain in the St. Louis area. Before my
audition time arrived, I took advantage of a quiet and deserted Powell
Hall and took a few pictures in the foyer.

On to Andrew and Stephanie’s wedding this weekend, followed by my
annual family reunion next weekend. Many more miles to travel and
friends & family to see as the days progress. This prospect makes me happy


6 thoughts on “Summer’s Kick-Off

  1. What a great weekend! I’ve always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon. And Windermere! Did you know that’s where I was saved when I was in high school? That place is so, so dear to my heart. I’m glad you had a good reunion – speaking of, we need to get together!! I miss you!

  2. Those are great pictures! The symphony hall picture is especially beautiful! I’m glad you aren’t as stressed as you were earlier in the year and that things are going well for you. Best of luck on getting a spot on the chorus. I’m sure you will do super awesome!Oh, and if you ever come by the po-dunk town of Rolla, let me know, maybe we could have coffee or something.

  3. I think I still have my HG t-shirt.  That was my first time ever going to Windemere and loved it.  My favorite memory of that trip was both Chris’s getting the infatuation of most of the girls that weekend.  I think Dr. Hicks even had one of them sit down on their lap at a meal.  Good times.

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