Andrew and Stephanie’s wedding this past Saturday was beautiful and very special. It was great to catch up with many SBU friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Here’s a few glimpses into moments of the weekend:

coffee & candles 1 sepia cake

 Sarah Jo & Steph

On Sunday my parents celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss. I wish I could’ve done something really special to honor this momentous occasion, but alas, with their travel plans and my duties as bridesmaid, it unfortunately didn’t work out. Maybe for their 35th…Regardless, I’m so proud of my parents for continuing to love each other and make their marriage a successful one.

This weekend I look forward to being with loved ones for our annual summer family reunion. While my immediate family is very small, my extended family is huge! My great-grandmother was one of 20 children, so the branches of our family tree weigh fairly heavily when we all get together. This marks the 81st year that we have routinely met together and is always a part of my summer that I anticipate with gladness. It will be an all weekend event and I’m so glad I will have the time to be with family and not have to worry about work. Instead I will be able to be with those I love. Saturday and Sunday are also Free Fishing Days in Missouri, so hopefully I can wet a line with my dad. Sharing stories of days gone by and bringing my kntting along (so that my hands can be as busy as my mouth), catching and eating fish, and lathering up with sunscreen shall combine for a promising weekend. Along with actually knitting, I’m reading a cute book about knitting.  I recently finished Cormac McCarthy’s The Road – this year’s winner of the Pulitizer prize for fiction. Sometimes I struggle in getting into these yearly award winners, but this year’s was one I enjoyed. Desolation, isolation, and destruction were the backdrop of this story, but hope and the love of a father and son won my heart.

I’m trying this new Xanga themes thing on for size. I’ve picked “Natural Essence” and feel like it fits my mood…at least for now. Let me know what you think.


5 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. LOVE your xanga theme! And kudos to your parents for sticking it out for 30 years. That’s so awesome! In light of Matt’s recent bout of forgetfullness, I just PRAY that we make it that long. šŸ™‚ Silly boys. I like that bridesmaid dress you’re wearing – pink and brown is a wonderful combination. You’re so pretty!
    When I was just typing the word “wonderful,” I accidentally spelled it “wonderfun.” Wonderfun. I like that word. Can we keep it?

  2. That cake looks good.  You two both look nice in their respective dresses.  I like brown and pink, just only on girls.  All of my family is big, all the branches.  Laura’s mom just did a family tree and added us as our own little branch. 

  3. Hey, good talking to you tonight. I needed that. I’m so proud of you – what you’re doing and what God has in store for you to accomplish. You’re an amazing woman, and I’m proud to call you my best friend.

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